CBD flowers: Why are they growing in popularity these days?

The CBD flower is one of the most popular and striking products around hemp, along with resins, charas, and pollens. One of our main missions is to educate in order to differentiate the CBD flower from marijuana. They are not Marijuana buds, they are CBD flowers and their normalization also goes through the correct use of our vocabulary.

On this occasion, we are talking about a product designed to play and try its different flavors and textures, relaxing and that also works very well as a formula to stop smoking. But there is much more!

Is CBD flower traditional Marijuana?

CBD flower is not Marijuana. It is an elaborate and careful product that has been subjected to different processes to verify its quality and properties.

Is the CBD flower a drug?

Many people wonder what CBD is and if it is a drug, the answer is no. The CBD flower is the end of a thorough process where 99.8% of the THC is removed from the flower, so it does not have any psychotropic effects. Despite the fact that hemp buds are in appearance very similar to traditional marijuana both in form and aroma, their consumption is totally different. Its benefits are clean and healthy, with no unwanted effects on consumer perception or behavior.

Aromatherapy with CBD flower extracted from hemp has brought to the market the opportunity to enjoy all the variety of flavors and benefits that hemp brings.

Its consumption is indicated to relax, to enjoy its different nuances and flavors, and, of course, to eliminate those old habits such as tobacco, with a regulated and quality product. It covers a wide spectrum of consumers, from the youngest to the elderly who enjoy combining its flavors and taking advantage of all its benefits.

CBD flowers, resins, and pollen: A world of flavors

The CBD flower is one of our products with the greatest potential. It offers a great variety of flavors, aromas, and textures. We, from Naturalstrains, could say that it is almost a “gastronomic” product. You will find more intense, more acidic, or denser flavors depending on your tastes. We take care of informing you 100% of all the characteristics of bringing you the best possible selection and variety. Always knowing the product in advance and demanding all the mandatory quality, health, and consumer certificates from its distributors.

Hemp flower yes, psychotropic effects no

Today, the hemp flowers are meticulously selected for you to enjoy. And for that, to be able to make this consumption something responsible, you should know that its consumption is totally detached from its original psychotropic effect.

A generation that grows parallel to the CBD flower

Despite the fact that the age range in the consumption of hemp derivatives is really wide, statistics show us that in Europe it has increased exponentially among the youngest. The cleanliness of the CBD Product, the possibility of playing with the flavors, and practicing healthy aromatherapy have been key in normalizing the flower. A generation that has grown up linked to music, sports, and ecology has found in CBD oils and hemp flowers a way of being themselves, without appearances and in full communion with nature.

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