Land Rover Kentucky Three-Day 5* Cross Country Photo Gallery

Boyd Martin & On Cue. Photo © Heather N. Photography


It was a wet, exciting day of cross country at the Land Rover Kentucky Three-Day Event. 15 horses were eliminated on cross country, including some of the sport’s biggest names, with 1 other retiring. But everyone walked off uninjured, and the leaderboard got shaken up. It’s a race between the UK, the US and New Zealand for the top spot with Oliver Townend leading with Ballaghmor Class, Boyd Martin in second with On Cue, and Tim Price in third with Xavier Faer.

Enjoy these photos from a much more comfortable, dry spot than our photographer enjoyed during cross country day!

Lauren Nicholson & Vermiculus
Oliver Townend & Ballaghmmor Class
Boyd Martin & Tsesterleg
Jonelle Price & Grovine De Reve
Anna Siemer & FRH Butt’s Avondale
Dominic Schramm & Bolytair B
Leslie Law & Voltaire de Tre
Caroline Martin & Islandwood Captain Jack
Daniel Clasing & MW Gangster’s Game
Ema Klugman & Bendigo
Oliver Townend & Cooley Master Class
Emilee Libby & Jacoby
Marilyn Little & RF Scandalous
Flylicia Barr & Galloway Sunrise
Tim Price & Bango
Emily Hamel & Corvette
Liz Halliday Sharp & Cooley Quicksilver

Karl Slezak & Fernhill Wishes
Michael Pendleton & Steady Eddie
Jennifer Brannigan & FE Lifestyle
Doug Payne & Vandiver
Bruce Davidson Jr & Jak My Style
Boyd Martin & Long Island T

All Photos © Heather N. Photography