Horse Arthritis and the Healing Power of CBD

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Horse racing with its beauty and glamour is a primeval sport dating back to 4500 BC. Through diligence, tolerance and hard work the game currently takes a leading position among world famous competitions. The beauty of it all is that riders treat horses more like partners. In fact, an exceptional horse rider requires a fit and healthy horse to make a winning combination. 

Sadly, arthritis has been a major drawback with horses. Thanks to CBD optimistic innovation, it has taken the industry by a storm. Yet, in a field marred with stigma and controversies, CBD use both in humans and animals continues to endure various confrontations. To learn more about CBD benefits you can visit traveldailynews.

Why is Arthritis a Loathed Diagnosis in Horses? 

As a degenerative bone condition, arthritis causes wearing away of the tender cartilage sandwiched between bones. This is a painful ailment that mostly affects racing horses or those involved in high-impact games. 

Akin to human arthritis, the condition causes immense pain, stiffness and inflammation. If not addressed early, it affects various joints in the body and sometimes causes lameness. Unfortunately, there is no known cure for restoring the regenerated tissue. Therefore, early diagnosis and proper care remains the best approach. 

Usually, experts recommend proper hoofing, shoeing, conformation and hoof trims. Altogether, early arthritis symptoms you should watch for include slight stiffness, discomfort and temperament changes. 

It is common for riders to use anti-inflammatories when symptoms strike. Still, long-term use of these medications triggers kidney complications. It comes as a relief that CBD medication has minimal and manageable after effects. 

CBD Effect on Horses’ Arthritis

Comparable to humans, horses have an almost similar endocannabinoid system. The principal functions of the complex system include maintaining balance and regulating the central nervous system. With a rich supply of cannabinoid receptors in the system, CBD stimulates the body to improve functions and reaction better to pain or inflammation. 

Additionally, it comes as a protective measure to prevent horses from future arthritis attacks. Not only does CBD ease joint stiffness, but also soothes the excruciating neurological impulses. Although there are very few horse products available, the market exhibits a budding industry ready to take horse management and care to elevated levels. 

To identify a reliable product, confirm if it has an analysis certificate from a recognized laboratory. Most importantly, check on the extraction method used. Did the manufacturing company use carbon dioxide to extract CBD? According to experts, carbon dioxide extraction remains the cleanest and inclusive method used. In the process, it concentrates on picking the best CBD oil while avoiding toxins and solvents. So always do your research about the high qualitied oils before you Shop cbd oil.

With minimal analysis of cannabis benefits on animals, it is still very early to declare CBD as the ultimate breakthrough. Still, medical cannabis use evokes positive experiences with the riders as well. For instance, the reduced psychoactive effects with CBD motivate horse lovers to ride their stallions with less fear of feeling stoned. 

Legally, cannabis use requires proper diagnosis and qualification for a valid medical card. Are you wondering how to get a medical cannabis card in Chicago? Simple, in a less complicated process, you can easily schedule your appointment online. 

After a brief initial consultation, a licensed cannabis expert fills out a recommendation form for you. This makes it easier for you to register and apply with the state. Once approved, you instantly qualify to buy CBD both for human and animal use at accredited dispensaries. 

Parting Shot

To horse racing fanatics, the game elicits beautiful memories and continues to add thrill to their lives. However, behind the glam and pomp hides a depressing face of horse arthritis. Despite it all, there have been immense CBD positive experiences on the debilitating condition. Although it might take a bit of time for the industry to embrace CBD use, presumably, the journey is on its right tracks.

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