Wager to Win: How to Bet on the Kentucky Derby Horse Race 2021


It’s time to dust off those fancy caps because the Kentucky Derby is just around the corner. It’s the biggest and arguably the fastest horse race of the year. It’s known as the “Fastest Two Minutes in Sports” for a reason. To see how big of a race this is, all you have to do is look at the annual betting total.

What Are the Different Derby Betting Games?

The Derby, unlike other famous sports betting games, provides huge wagering games in a variety of categories. As a result, sports bettors have a wider range of options to choose from, increasing their odds of winning. The Straight Wagers and Exotic Wagers are the two major types of Derby betting sports.

Straight Wagers

  • Win. It is the process of selecting the most deserving horse for the race. You win the award in this category if your chosen racehorse wins.
  • Place. This category allows you to wager on several entries. You will receive the prize regardless of whether your selected horses win first or second place.
  • Show. You can put a more safe wager on the show bet. A Show bet is your best choice if you need confidence that you can still win even if your horse isn’t the winner. You get what you deserve if your entry comes first, second, or third.

Exotic Wagers

  • Exacta. This category offers a higher payout, but you must correctly choose two horses to win first and second orders.
  • Trifecta. Trifecta is a more difficult category that requires timing and performance. It allows you to bet on three horses in the field, each of which can finish in the first, second, or third position.

Guide to Making Smart Bets on Horses at the Derby

Know What You Are Betting Before You Head to the Window

Everyone enjoys waiting for the last possible moment to place their bet. Don’t be the one that causes the line to snarl. You just don’t want to take the chance of forgetting to wager.

Before going to the window, jot down all you want to bet on a piece of paper. By placing your wager early, you can skip the long lines.

Don’t Trust Media Hype

The media will choose one or two horses that they believe are certain to win. Don’t be smitten by comprehensive things that they have to say. Concentrate on what the actual experts in horse racing have to say. Thus, you can check out the latest odds on reputable online betting sites that you can trust.

Don’t Go Crazy With Exotic Bets

I’m all for action, but taking too many risks will eliminate any possibility of making a decent profit. I’m all for taking a chance on an exotic bet in the hopes of a major payoff, but don’t put all your eggs in one basket. You want to bet the bulk of your money on straight bets.

Don’t Ignore the Favorite

On the other hand, favorites win roughly a third of all horse races, so they are deserving of our consideration. Go for the favorite if your study strongly supports it.

Different Factors to Consider

Before you place your wager, you should think about various factors that go into selecting a winner.

Past Performance

This is a critical point. By researching a horse’s past races, you will learn a lot about them. Pay special attention to a horse’s performance in Derby prep races.

Simultaneously, don’t just check to see whether they won or not. Take a look at the competition they were up against. If they didn’t succeed, look at whether a particular factor stopped them from succeeding.


You should think about the jockey who will be mounting the horse. These are the men in charge of directing and monitoring the horse’s movements. In a major race like this, a jockey will make all the difference. Make sure you’re familiar with this year’s top jockeys.

Race Style

Make sure you know what kind of race your horse prefers to compete in. You don’t want to waste your money on a speed setter most of the time. You want a horse that can remain close to the lead early on and close the gap with a good finish.

Track Type

Different types of tracks fit different horses. Suppose it’s grass, gravel, or artificial turf. A horse with some experience on a dirt track is ideal for the Derby.

To Conclude

The Kentucky Derby is one of the most highly anticipated horse races in the world. You will not only have the opportunity to see the world’s most powerful racehorses, but you will also have the opportunity to participate in betting games while learning about the racing community.

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