Young Horses Deserve a JumpStart to Good Health

As a parent, there is no worse feeling than seeing your little one droop around when they don’t feel their best. As an animal lover and owner, the same thing can often be said about our four-legged companions. That’s why BioZyme® Inc., is excited to announce its newest equine supplement for foals and weanlings, Vitalize® JumpStart.

“Generally speaking, I think foals bring people a lot of joy, so supporting their health is really something that is near and dear to our hearts at BioZyme, where our mission is care that comes full circle,” said Lynsey Whitacre, Ph.D., BioZyme Inc. Companion Animal Business Development.

Vitalize JumpStart is a liquid supplement formulated specifically for foals, weanlings and young horses that supports digestive health and the immune system during times of stress and recovery. It contains Amaferm®, a precision-based prebiotic that impacts intake, digestibility and absorption of nutrients, elevated B vitamin levels to provide the animal what is most needed during stress, MOS that helps trap and expel pathogens, limiting their ability to do harm, and zinc and vitamin E that work alongside the other ingredients for full support of the immune system.

“Foals and weanlings often experience a lot of stressors in their new world. Stress can cause a disruption of the gut microbes in adult horses, but this can be even more severe in young horses, whose gut microbiome is less developed and less resilient to aberrations. This is why the majority of foals will experience diarrhea at some point in their first six months of life. As well, we know that foals grow very rapidly, from about 10% of their mature body size at birth to almost 50% at weaning. During that growth, their gut microbiomes have to evolve from processing colostrum, to milk, to forages, to concentrates. We want to do everything we can to support the gut, so they make the transition from different diets smoothly. That is key to keeping them growing and thriving. Vitalize JumpStart contains a blend of prebiotics that work cohesively to promote the good gut microbes and diminish any pathogens that may be trying to colonize the gut. These gut jump starters, alongside several nutrients like B vitamins, zinc and vitamin E, that support health and immunity, help ensure every foal reaches their full potential,” Whitacre said.

Vitalize JumpStart can be used as a drench for large breeding operations, can be top dressed on feed or orally administered directly to the horse. We recommend feeding JumpStart in whatever way best suits your needs to provide a nutritional boost to support the gut and immune system. JumpStart can be fed for several days after birth, for several days before, during and after weaning, during sales preparation for young horses or any other time stress is anticipated or perceived. 

When feeding Vitalize Jump Start, you will be giving your foals a good gut feeling and improving their ability to digest and absorb feed. In addition, the supplement will help maintain overall gut health and minimize the occasional digestive upset. As a result, you should see a healthy, shiny glow to your foals and weanlings’ skin and coat. Vitalize JumpStart comes in one-gallon jugs. A 20 mL dose is recommended for foals, and 30 mL is recommended for weanlings and yearlings per day. Give your young horses the JumpStart to good health they deserve with Vitalize JumpStart!