It Happens! Adrienne Sternlicht, Stephanie Danhakl, Archie Cox Share Embarrassing Moments

Adrienne Sternlicht. Photo by Sportfot

By Rennie Dyball

Adrienne Sternlicht

“My most embarrassing memory in the show ring to date happened when I was competing in the junior hunters during WCHR week at WEF. 

I was in the lead for champion going into the second day, and my mare always placed highly in the under saddle. When I went in for the flat, my show shirt quickly came unbuttoned revealing a bright neon green sports bra. I spent the majority of the flat class trying to rebutton my shirt, yet the buttons just kept opening one by one! 

My mom was very confused why I didn’t place! My trainer at the time, Andre Dignelli, nicknamed me ‘Casual Saturday’ as a result. While it was several years ago, and now a hilarious memory, I feel like I’ve never live that nickname down!”

Stephanie Danhakl. Photo by Andrew Ryback Photography

Stephanie Danhakl

“In the early 2000s when I was a junior riding with Archie Cox, I thought it would be fine to skip breakfast before a horse show. I was competing in the junior hunters that day on my beloved horse Lifetime, who was always perfect. 

We had a lovely round, but I some-how managed to go off course! I was very embarrassed because it was a simple single-outside-diagonal-outside hunter round. I went in for the second round determined to get it right and went off course again! 

Archie said, ‘That’s the last time you skip breakfast before a horse show!’ Ever since then, I am obsessive about packing meals for when I show so that it never happens again!” 

Archie Cox

“In 2001, I was competing at Madison Square Garden and I hipped in so hard, knocking down all the standards. I also hit the pommel so hard that I grunted, and made eye contact with Fergie the Duchess of York. I will always remember that moment, and now smile ear to ear.”  

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