Top 5 Unmatched Triple Crown Champions

It’s Triple Crown Series season; just how fast the time flies, we are once again in for another great year, celebrating one of the most anticipated races for the top thoroughbred horses.

After more than a century, the Triple Crown Series doesn’t fall short of surprises. It is still as popular, exciting, and as thrilling as before. Even with the coronavirus pandemic, the Triple Crown succeeded in its event and created another champion.

And as we are now approaching the second leg of the Triple Crown Series 2021, the Preakness Stakes, what better way to celebrate than to remember its top 5 unmatched champions. Thus, if you are hyped to look and bet for the best horses like it is an unmatched champion for the upcoming race, just click here.

Last year, no horse could sweep the Triple Crown as Authentic, Swiss Skydiver, and Tiz the Law owned each leg independently. And so, with these upcoming races, will there be a horse that will come down rushing and hold the prestigious trophy?

But before we get all hyped up with anticipation, let’s meet the Triple Crown Series’ unmatched winners for more than a century of celebrating the event.

Horses That Swept The Triple Crown Series

First up, Sir Barton, the first thoroughbred horse that owned the Triple Crown series trophy.

For 44 years, many horses, trainers, and jockeys attempted to win the triple crown series’ prestigious trophy, but it was only Sir Barton who made it through. Riding on his back was his jockey, Johnny Loftus. As they won the race, Sir Barton came face to face with his closest match, Man o’ War, and this time the match was called ‘the race of the century.

Sir Barton, winning the very first Triple Crown, was very memorable for many racing pundits. The racetrack was already tricky after a night’s rain, but it was made more difficult with the Belmont Stake running just four days after the Preakness was held. Anticipation of injury was expected, but Sir Barton made it through and won.

Next up, Gallant Fox’s win in 1930.

Eleven years after Sir Barton won the very first trophy, Gallant Fox’s winning moment became memorable as well. The term Triple Crown Leg Series was then coined and officially used. Thanks to many journalists who began using the term and with Charles Hatton of the Daily Racing Form to name an official term.

Many liked to call Gallant Fox the Father of the Triple Crown Leg Series as the term was coined during his winning moment. But it’s not only that Gallant Fox was a horse racing icon. This bay horse has shown greatness during his racing years and won Dwyer’s prestigious rank races, Arlington Classic, Saratoga Cup, Lawrence Realization, and Jockey Club Gold Cup in flying colors.

Though before there’s no Horse of the Year Award recognition, The Blood-Horse, a weekly sports news magazine named Gallant Fox as the 1930 American Horse of the Year.

Coming in next is Secretariat.

We know you heard the name, you know the name, and you know the legend behind it. Secretariat, the most decorated winner of Triple Crown, holds so much prestige in his name. His record-breaking victory during the Belmont Stakes that took the crowd with utter shock when he finished the match with 31 lengths will always be a story to be told.

Also, Secretariat is the only horse who brought home 5 Eclipse Awards and Horse of the Year Award during his 2nd and 3rd year. Because of his greatness, a film inspired by his racing career was made to give tribute to the amazing horse that horse racing sports would ever witness.

Following the greatness of the Secretariat was American Pharoah.

Many articles compare the two great horses for years, but there’s one thing for sure when it comes to American Pharoah, as he’s a great horse in his league. He was the first horse to sweep and own the Horse Racing Grand Slam when he won the Breeders Cup Classic.

American Pharoah was known to be a dashing horse once on the track. He won the Triple Crown series as he closed the Belmont Stake by 5 1/2 lengths with a time of 2:26.65- recorded as the 6th fastest time in Belmont racetrack history. And it’s not only that; he won the Breeder’s Cup Classic by  6½ lengths- breaking another leg track record. 

And last but not least, a proud Bob Baffert trained horse, Justify.

When Justify won the Triple Crown Leg in 2018, it was a mix of celebration and conspiracy. Justify is a sire breed and the best son of the sensational stallion Scat Daddy by the record. Justify is a complete package: speed, stride, and stamina when we talk about abilities. He’s one fine horse that you expect to race and win a match, and that happens.

Justify dominated the three scenes and closed the Triple Crown Leg within 2:28.18. Though his win was a momentous event, many conspiracy issues attack the horse and the stable he’s in.

This attracted so many matters that Justify was under a substance illegal in horse racing. Fortunately, all of those are being dismissed. And the team celebrated the win after all the inquiries, and the test Justify has gone through.

Final Thoughts

For more than a century, the Triple Crown Series not only produced five winners but 13 winners in total. But these five amazing horses made history that no horse racing and sports enthusiasts could ever forget. They just didn’t run the track, but they made history so big that it still creates a buzz in the corners of every sports entertainment news. The Triple Crown Series is just around the corner, and we are all excited to witness an event and see who will be announced as the winner.

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