10 Tips Tricks to Keep Flies Off Your Horses

As we all know, along with the beautiful warm weather comes a downside, fly season. Flies are not only annoying but extremely dangerous. They love everything that is smelly and dirty which means they carry around many harmful bacteria and disease-causing organisms.

No matter how hard you try, you will not get rid of them all, but you sure can reduce them.

In this article we will give you 10 best tips and tricks to keep flies off your horses

1. Manage That Manure

One of the first places to start is with manure. Having your stable “as clean as possible” is a requirement to reduce flies in your stable. Try spreading it out into the thinnest possible layer so that it dries up quickly. That way it will not smell as much, and Mr. Fly and his family will not be as interested in it. If you can, dispose it far away from your stable daily.

2. Remove That Moisture

Try and completely remove any moist or damp areas in the barn where your horses usually rest. This is because these sorts of places and conditions are another special place that poor old Mr. Fly likes to lay eggs and inhabit.

3. Securely Seal Your Waste and Litter

Avoid leaving any old food waste lying around. Because when Mr. Fly and his family start looking for a place to have a feast and make home for the babies, they really will be in seventh heaven.

4. The Ethical Biological Method

There is a highly ethical and humanely effective way to eradicate Mr. Fly and his family. This is by using a tiny parasitic Mr. Fly larvae seeking homing wasp. They are widely available for this precise task. Provided they are bought at the correct time in the season. The wasps then seek out and home in on the fly larvae, lay their own eggs and the wasp’s larvae kill the fly larvae. It doesn’t sound very nice, but it works and is 100% natural (Apart from the fact you put them there).

5. The Barn Mr. Fly Eradicating Wind Fan

This is a fairly good method of keeping Mr. Fly and his family away. If you have the budget, place a large powerful round fan in the barn on top of where the horses rest. Besides making it very unpleasant for Mr. Fly to hang around, you will keep you horses fresh in a hot summer!  

6. Fly Traps for Outdoors

Getting some fly traps is a great alternative to get Mr. Fly distracted from your horses. Having a fly trap that calls their attention with smelly bait is the perfect distraction. We suggest this reusable fly trap https://www.flyfixed.com/products/fly-trap

With this option everyone wins, Mr. Fly gets a nice home and your horses get a safe and peaceful rest!

7. Airtight Feed Containers

At number 7 is keeping the horse feed airtight, which is kept in the barn. Because this is another place that Mr. Fly and his family like to make a feast. The sweet smell of the horse’s food attracts them from miles around. No Smells, no Mr. Fly.

8. Oil Based Ethical Insecticidal Horse Spray

This is another ethical humane way to keep Mr. Fly and his population away. It does not work by killing them. All it does is put them off wanting to land on the horses. And on top of that, the fact that it is oil-based means it is not an irritant.

9. The Fashionable Horse Masks

This is one guaranteed way to keep your horse safe and protected. Being covered up from his ears to his nose, leaves Mr. Fly no chance for approach in such critical areas for egg laying. Since this is only effective while the horse cloak is on, the other methods ds.

10. The Barn Spray System

This last tip is a really good way of effectively keeping Mr. Fly and his friends far away! The system is usually set to periodically spray the barn from an overhead installation.