Understanding the Reasons Why Horses are Quite Popular


Horses are arguably the most charming and beautiful creatures on earth. Although they have very distinct personalities, they are all playful and energetic by nature. They are also kind and are sought for many uses throughout history. Some of these uses include; riding and transport, carrying things, and also for selective breeding. Perhaps the most important use of horses is the companionship they have provided to humans for millennia. We can find these animals in almost all regions of the world.

Popularity in certain countries

From recent studies, FAO shows that there are about 60 million horses worldwide. North America is home to at least a third of the world’s horse population. In America, they majorly kept horses for sport. Horse racing has become successful in the country. These sporting events attract millions of people all year round and are held across the country. Horses are expensive to maintain and require a lot of care. This is clear because we find few horses in poorer countries than advanced countries. According to data by CompareTheMarket, horses are among the most searched for pets online. People are always trying to find out which breeds of horses are best suited for their needs.


Nature of horses

People describe horses as being peaceful yet powerful animals. They can be majestic in flight and often behave like silly little puppies when they want to be patted in the barn. This conflicting behavior has captured the hearts of many people across the world. Most people cite the horses’ hearts as the primary reason they adore them. They can be kind and sensitive and always try to please humans. Also, being around horses is described as being therapeutic. The feeling that walking or petting a horse evokes can have significant effects on a person’s mood.

The way they act exemplifies a horse’s nature and character. It can be from the way they move or their ability to show and teach empathy. Even simple things such as when a horse strolls look quite majestic. They are the embodiment of good. Their gentleness and willingness to follow humans can inspire at times.

Usefulness of horses


Apart from being beneficial to the physical and mental wellbeing of humans, horses can also help with our daily life skills. They also help us to connect with nature and create a sense of community. In rugged territories, they commonly used the horse as a pack animal. They help in carrying heavy loads, thus making work easy. Also, working with horses helps to heal and overcome fear and build confidence. We can categorize some of the benefits of a horse as;

  • Mental – working with horses is challenging and provides good mental practice
  • Physical – riding a horse improves motor function and coordination and balance
  • Emotional – horses invoke emotions in humans by providing companionship

Keeping a horse is a heavy task regardless of all its benefits. Before choosing to get one, plan well and get experience in managing horses. However, horses are fun animals, and gaining one is one of the best decisions you will ever make.