Grab a Hold of Your Equine Finances: Dr. Piper Klemm Visits StreamHorseTV’s Equine Business Series

Piper Klemm and MTM Sandwich

StreamHorseTV has launched its Equine Business Series, in which industry figures break down complex money questions, uncover money-saving habits, offer tips of the trade, and help equestrians blaze the path to financial success for any budget, in any area of the horse world.

The Plaid Horse Publisher Dr. Piper Klemm visited the show to share her insights on how to take a hold of your financial future, where to start when building your budget, and how to make your money work for you, no matter what your horse-world goals might be.  

“Finances limit all of us, and the smarter you can get about handling that, the better,” Klemm advises. “It’s a myth we tell ourselves like if we hit some financial number, some number of horse shows, some number of horses, we won’t feel limited.”

Watch Piper on StreamHorseTV’s Equine Business Series: Grab a Hold of Your Equine Finances

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For more enriching insight, information, and guidance, and to make your money work for you in your equestrian life, check out Dr. Klemm’s upcoming Equestrian Studies summer courses through Clarkson University at

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