5 Tips for Choosing a Saddle


It is hard to choose the right saddle since there are so many saddles to choose from, including Australian, Side, Western, English. Do not buy the wrong saddle because it is a waste of money and not comfortable for you and your horse. You must buy a saddle that suits your riding habits since the wrong saddle can cause health issues. Here are the tips to consider before purchasing horse saddles:

1. Saddle Fit

You must buy a saddle that fits you and your horse. So, you must know the measurement of your horse since a poor saddle fit can increase your vet bill.

Confirm the return policy of the store if you want to test the saddle for a few days. This is because you can purchase a saddle that is uncomfortable or does not fit.

You can use a pad to fix various fitting issues. However, the pad will not fix all the issues. Therefore, check the size of the saddle before you purchase it.

2. Use

What will you use the saddle for? Do you want to trail ride, drive cattle, jump, barrel race or do you need a dressage saddle? You will find various types of saddles and horses out there. Do not use the looks of the saddle to make your decision. You must buy a useful saddle. Do not just buy a saddle because it comes in your favorite color.

3. Material

Leather was mostly used to make saddles in the past. However, there are so many materials used to make saddles these days.

It is cheap to buy a synthetic saddle. It is even more weather-resistant and durable than a genuine leather saddle. It is easy to maintain a synthetic saddle than to maintain a real leather saddle.

4. New or Used

You can either buy a new or used saddle. I had a broken-in used saddle. I liked it. It used it and treated it regularly, so the leather was nice and supple. If the saddle is treated properly, it looks good as a new saddle and it is even cheaper than a new saddle. If you are searching for a saddle for a show, you can purchase a new saddle.

5. Budget

Last, but not least, you need to consider your budget. Do not just buy an expensive saddle since it might not the best. Having a budget narrows your choices and ensures you have enough money to pay your monthly boarding fees.