James Crosby Raps For the “Grand Prix Girl”

James Crosby

James Crosby knows how to capture a girl’s heart: His upcoming single, “Grand Prix Girl” isn’t your average love song. The rap lyrics are an ode to girls who ride horses.

Finally, somebody gets it.

The young equestrian, from Brooklyn, NY, is set to release “Grand Prix Girl” on Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube, etc. midnight on Memorial Day, but he gave a select group of equestrian media entities a preview.

From the television family dramas The Saddle Club and Heartland, to big screen blockbusters Seabiscuit, Black Beauty and (many) more, a slew of mainstream entertainment platforms have garnered success by showcasing individuals’ relationships with horses—but real equestrians notice the details that the general public would not, like unrealistic choices in tack, jump courses at inappropriate heights, etc.

Crosby, however, is pretty technically correct while maintaining rhythm and rhyme, with references to familiar brands Butet, Antares, Tad Coffin and Samshield and venues Balmoral, Ocala and Saugerties (and HITS CEO, Tom Struzzieri!).

Some standout lyrics:

“Heels down, shoulders back, you know what to do.”

“I don’t need to take a trip to the Hamptons, because you ‘a classic.”

“You put in work, so winning becomes a habit.”

“Low-key I feel for them, because pretty hurts. They haven’t seen all of the times that you landed right in the dirt.”

“Sometimes you just gotta hold on and grab mane.”

While this song might not top the Billboard charts, you can bet a few riders will be humming this catchy tune the next time they saddle up!

Give it a listen!

James Crosby — Grand Prix Girl