Watch and Learn: Equitation Champions of the 2010s


Hunter Holloway. Zazou Hoffman. TJ O’Mara. Victoria Colvin. McKayla Langmeier. All five riders rode to victory in equitation championships in the last decade.

Beyond the accolades, these riders have much in common—most notably, the skills that not only led them to their historic wins, but also set them up for future success in the sport. All five riders now ride professionally and have competed at the international level.

Bernie Traurig Equestrian Coach’s “Equitation — An American Tradition of Excellence” educates by analyzing each of these riders’ styles in their finals-winning performances—from the depth of their heels to their varying seats, hip angles, releases and more. We then gets answers to all the tough questions, straight from the horses’—well, riders’—mouths.

There’s no question that other than time in the saddle, the best way to learn is by watching. And in this case, we can listen, too.