Chosen Talents Auction: The Next Superstars of Showjumping!

Lamborghini (Grand Slam VDL x Zambesi TN)

Moretteweg, Belgium – June 08, 2021- After the first successful edition of Chosen Auction, the organisers Damien Haelterman, Juan Carlos Perez and Waël Ezzedine immediately made it clear that it would not remain a one-off. For the second edition, the team selected fourteen so-called ‘Chosen Talents‘ that will go under the digital hammer from 13 to 15 June. “We think that the horses we have selected for this edition will appeal to an even wider public. We have even added a hunter to our Chosen Talents to meet the wishes of the hunter riders as well,” the trio says.

“Last year we could already speak of a successful first edition, but we expect perhaps even more from these Chosen Talents“, the organization starts. “During our shooting days we were again im-pressed by the exceptional qualities of our selected horses. We have selected twelve young tal-ents, with ages between four and nine, who we are almost certain will jump at the highest level one day. We think that is the strength of our Chosen Talents: they all have the qualities to jump bigger classes and yet are easy enough for any type of rider. They will get good results with amateurs as well as with more experienced and professional riders. All our Chosen Talents are very competitive, because at the end of the day every rider wants to win, whether you are a professional or an amateur”.

Dionne (Diarado x Camaro M)

“Between our Chosen Talents there are horses that have a bit more experience, horses that are still green behind the ears, … But all of them are horses that we support 100% and that we would rather not see leave our stables,” they continue. “A real eye-catcher is Dionne, a 6-year-old daughter of Diarado. She catches the eye not only because of her looks but even at a young age you can see that she has all the scope and power in the world.

Other horses that will certainly make their future owner very happy are Pick-Wick van de Kruishoeve (Denzel van’t Meulenhof x I’m Special de Muze) and Lamborghini (Grand Slam VDL x Zambesi TN). Both horses are true examples of what a modern sport horse should be.

Mister Gold (Golddigger x Pacific) and Christalino GT Z (Cristallo I x Stakkato) are examples of young talents who have a wonderful future ahead of them. For the hunters among us, Puickly vd Bisschop (Quickly de Keizer x Darco) is definitely a horse to keep an eye on. His good movements and perfect technique make him the ideal horse for the ambitious hunter. You see: for us it is difficult to choose a ‘favorite’ so buyers can be sure that they will welcome a very talented horse in their stables if they buy a Chosen Talent”.

This is also confirmed by Stella Trümpi, who purchased no less than two horses through Chosen Auction last year: “The Chosen team is very experienced in selecting quality horses which is reflected in the ‘Chosen Talents’ of their previous edition. I am over the moon with the two mares I bought through the auction. They both jumped clear today and were classified in the CSIYH classes at Gorla Minore. And let’s be honest, that’s all a rider can dream of, isn’t it? I haven’t seen the Chosen Talents for this year just yet, but I’m pretty sure I will keep a close eye”, she concludes.

Chosen Auction takes place from 13 to 15 June. More information and all Chosen Talents can be found here.