Where to Check US Online Casino License: Everything You Need to Know as a Gambler

Online gambling has been around for a while in the US. While games and bonuses are essential aspects of the casino, licensing and certifications are the most critical points when choosing a top online casino.

With a truckload of established online casinos featuring some new mobile slots at the scene for so many years now, there might be some scam operators in the mix. These types of online casinos constantly scheme on ways to make users fall victim to data breaches, identity theft, and lots more.

Online casinos that are fully licensed tend to conform to all the provisions present in the certifications they’ve acquired for operations. In addition, these entities ensure they’re abiding at all times, as a violation can lead to negative repercussions such as a permanent ban.

That said, if you have reservations about the legality of a wagering platform, you can engage in some deliberate checks to ensure that you’re placing wagers at a gambling site that’s safe and secure across the board.

Checks to Certify the Legitimacy of an Online Casino

No one wants to be on the receiving end of scams that can result in major problems. Consequently, gamblers in states where online gambling is deemed legal must ensure that they make concerted efforts to validate an online casino before placing wagers.

There are some ways you can check if an iGaming destination is certified. They include:

·         Scrolling down the platform’s homepage and checking for certification logos. If logos aren’t visible, that online casino might be a scam site.

·         Read reviews from other players. Filter out information concerning fairness, deposit, and withdrawal timeframes.

·         Check if there are tools to aid “Responsible Gambling.” Legal online casinos usually go the extra mile to protect their players.

·         See what bonuses are on offer. If you feel that the incentives present are too good to be true, you’re advised to steer clear.

·         Check for additional security layers. The best online casinos employ security add-ons like Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and Transport Layer Security (TLS).

If the above list checks out just fine, you can place wagers without any reservations whatsoever.

That said, online gambling in the US has received a rather slow adaptation. So, there’s a lot to know about the legitimacy of online casinos in the state besides confirming the licensing status.

An Overview of Online Gambling in the US

With the Internet evolving from what it was at its rudimentary stages, different gambling sites started popping up. Between 1990 and 2005, US-based gamblers could place wagers without hassles on these sites as online gambling laws were practically non-existent.

Since most of these sites used real money, players had to ply the credit and debit card route to foster site-related transactions (deposits and withdrawals). However, 2006 was the year that brought about a dramatic shift in proceedings.

With the enactment of the SAFE Ports Act by President George Bush, banks blocked card usage on wagering sites. This action meant that placing wagers and making withdrawals was impossible.

In the same year, the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) came to the fore. While some players could still access gambling sites through some loopholes, online gambling was declared illegal. Here, any gambler caught placing wagers on any iGaming platform was to face the wrath of the law.

With the implementation of the UIGEA, some states considered it wise to nullify this outright ban by setting up their online gambling laws and regulations. This singular action brought about the setting up of wagering platforms that were made available to players resident in those states.

However, gamblers must note that only a few states took this initiative. Although several states are making serious considerations, nothing concrete has been reached.

In the subsequent subtopic, we’ll be looking at US states that have accepted online gambling as a legal activity.

The US States Where Online Gambling is Legal

Unlike other popular gambling jurisdictions that feature wagering platforms with certifications from regulatory bodies like the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA), Topthaibet, or singapore online casino, the United States takes a different path to online gambling.

Here, rather than online casinos soliciting these licenses, they have to conform with the caveats inherent in a state’s online gambling act. However, although online gambling might be legal in some states, the laws relating to gambling-related activities are distinct.

Without further ado, let’s look at states in the US where gambling is a legal activity. They include:

·         Nevada

·         Delaware

·         Michigan

·         New Jersey

·         Pennsylvania

·         West Virginia

Online Gambling in Nevada

While online gambling is legal in Nevada, it’s not as extensive as we’d hoped. Here, the online casino games that have gained traction over the past decade aren’t available.

In Nevada, players only have unfettered access to online poker.

Online Gambling in Delaware

While online gambling is considered legal activity in Delaware, it can only be performed through the state’s lottery.

Online Gambling in Michigan

You can play different online casino games at iGaming destinations available to Michigan residents.

Here, players can place wagers on offerings like slots, table games, and some forms of poker.

Online Gambling in Pennsylvania

In 2017, Governor Tom Wolf signed a law that made online gambling a legal activity accessible at multiple fronts.

Being the 4th US state to adopt online gambling, Pennsylvanian gamblers can now play online poker machines, table games, and Live Dealer offerings.

Online Gambling in New Jersey

Any wagering platform that’s certified by the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement can operate seamlessly in NJ.

iGaming destinations operational here have various online casino games (slots, table games, and live dealer games), unique bonuses, and payment alternatives.

Online Gambling in West Virginia

West Virginia is fast becoming a hub for online gambling. With Gov. Jim Justice owning one of the five online casinos present in West Virginia, the debate concerning the legality of wagering platforms in this state is nullified.

Gamblers resident in West Virginia can access games like slots, blackjack, video poker, and lots more.

Final Thoughts

If you’re resident in the US, you must get acclimated with the constitutional caveats in states where online gambling is legal.

Not all states support gambling. However, since you’ve got an insight into regions that support this activity, you should be in the clear.

That said, it might be somewhat daunting to find a casino that’s safe and secure across the board. Fortunately, with the steps highlighted in this article, you can proceed to confirm that the site you wish to play at has a valid license and is safe and secure.

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