Timothy Maddrix & Cypress Conquer $10,000 WEC Ocala 3’ Hunter Derby

Timothy Maddrix & Cypress jumping to the first place finish in the $10,000 WEC 3′ Hunter Derby. Photo Courtesy Andrew Ryback Photography

June 19, 2021 — Ocala, FL — The $10,000 WEC Ocala 3’ Hunter Derby saw a highly competitive field of 38 entries with scores soaring high in the 80s throughout the class. Timothy Maddrix and Missy Nolen’s Cypress earned top honors laying down two perfect rounds. Maddrix and Cypress earned the fifth place finish in last week’s $10,000 WEC 3’ Hunter Derby and returned this morning to sweep the class. The pair started off strong taking all four high options, and were granted the highest first round score of 87.5 for their efforts.

Maddrix really enjoyed the design of the handy course, “You got to gallop to one turn to two, then once you got around the trot jump you got to gallop again. Everything was forward and flowing which I really like.” Maddrix and Cypress the 10-year-old Warmblood gelding returned for the handy round, taking two inside turns that no other competitor attempted, earning a score of 90, with a two-round total score of 177.5. “The horse is really handy. He does the adult amateurs [with his owner Missy Nolen] and the derbies with me. He is her horse but when she cannot come, I get to do him in the derbies.”

Elle Moreno & Vayrie Cool soaring to second place. Photos courtesy of Andrew Ryback Photography.

Elle Moreno and Vayrie Cool were slightly behind Maddrix and Cypress. Moreno and Vayrie Cool performed a smooth first round course receiving a score of 85. Moreno and Vayrie came back for the handy, taking all four high options to collect a second-round score of 90, for a total of 175.

Timothy Maddrix riding to third place on Jolly Mon. Photos courtesy of Andrew Ryback Photography.

Maddrix’s also received the third place honor this afternoon on Lynne Skaryak’s Jolly Mon (Arko III x Pretty Woman). Maddrix and Jolly Mon the nine-year-old Belgian Warmblood delivered two impeccable rounds taking all four high options in both courses, which earned a score of 87 in each round, for a total two-round score of 174.

$10,000 WEC Ocala 3’ Hunter Derby Results

1 Cypress, Timothy Maddrix – 87.5 | 90 | 177.5
2 Vayrie Cool, Elle Moreno – 85 | 90 | 175
3 Jolly Mon, Timothy Maddrix – 87 | 87 | 174
4 Heaven Sent, Clair Kellner – 84 | 86 | 170
5 Bugsy Malone, Devin Seek – 82.5 | 87 | 169.5
6 Cascavel, Elle Moreno – 88 | 80 | 168
7 Collins, Lauren Schweppe – 80 | 84 | 164
8 Zosha, Timothy Maddrix – 78 | 85 | 163
9 Fleur Du Rouet, Madison Ramsey – 77.5 | 85 | 162.5
10 My Way, Shannon Dickinson – 79 | 82 | 161

Photos courtesy of Andrew Ryback Photography.