How to Choose the Right Pickup Truck for Horse Owners

When you work with horses, you need the right vehicle to transport them. It depends on how many you have, but if you plan on caring for more horses you will need something big enough to ensure that they are comfortable and safe. Of course you can pay someone to transport your horse, but if you are working with multiple horses you will probably want to buy your own adequate vehicle. Luckily there are many different truck options to choose from. Here are some factors to find the right truck for your horses and situation.

The Size of the Bed

One of the most important things to look for in a truck is the size of the bed. You need a bed that is large enough to hold all the ancillary items you need to bring with you such as saddles, bridles, halters, and horse blankets. The truck’s bed is also used to store horse feed, which will need to be kept dry. One way to do this is to find a truck bed cover resource to see what storage options you have. It will help you find the perfect cover to protect your equipment. Whatever the size of your bed, if it is big enough you can cover the feed and everything else you need to bring with your horse.


Funny enough, you need a lot of horsepower to transport your horses. While horsepower is no longer related to the speed of horses, it is completely necessary to transport them. Horses are heavy. They require a lot of power and speed to transport them on a trailer. This is why you should have a truck that is powerful enough to overcome this hurdle and provide the ability to quickly and effectively take your horses to the race or wherever else you are taking them. It’s important to find a truck that is powerful enough to take them from place to place and save on gas.


Another option is to buy a truck that is made for towing. When you look into this kind of vehicle, you will find lots of options that are powerful enough to tow a horse trailer, comfortable enough to take long trips in, and large enough to fit everything you need. You will be able to buy a horse trailer and tow it with your truck. According to the experts, you need at least a two ton pickup truck to pull a two-horse trailer. Luckily there are a wide variety  of trucks that are perfect for towing. If you already have a truck but don’t know its towing prowess, look into its specs. But when you’re in the market for a new truck or are just getting involved with horses, there are plenty of options to buy the perfect vehicle.

Horse Trucks vs. Trailers

If you are investing in horses as a means of making money or as a hobby you’re willing to spend a lot of money on, you can always buy a truck made specifically for towing horses. These have the horse trailer built into the truck. While this is an enticing product for anyone who has horses, it is more expensive. Trailers are much cheaper but since the truck wasn’t specifically designed for hauling horses, you should make sure the weight and size of the trailer and horses you will be transporting is low enough to keep at 70-75 percent of the vehicle’s maximum tow rating. There are options for everyone, if you take the time to figure out what the best move is for you it will give you the opportunity to transport horses at a reasonable price.

When you have horses, you probably want to transport them every now and again. The sky’s the limit when it comes to buying the equipment necessary to haul horses around, but if you do the hard work and determine what exactly is best for you, your family, and your horses, you will be able to keep your equine friends happy and healthy on the road. They will be  safe when you take them wherever you need to go. Finding the right truck setup for your horse will enable you to do what you want to do safely and securely.