What Is A Fly Sheet For Horses


During the warmer months, flies, mosquitos and other biting insects are a huge annoyance for horses and horse owners alike. Risking diseases being transmitted to horses, flies can have a negative impact on wellbeing so taking extra precautions to prevent this can go a long way.

Specialist fly sheets for horses are designed to keep flies off of your horse to offer a much higher level of protection from insects during the summer, keeping them comfortable and providing you with peace of mind that more flies will be deterred.

Designed for warm conditions

As well as keeping flies at bay, fly sheets need to be suitable for warm weather conditions. The lightweight materials with breathable properties help to keep your horse comfortable in the warm temperatures and offer a layer of protection from the sun. The UV rays can be dangerous for horses, especially those with darker coats, as the direct sunlight can bleach their coats or lead to an uncomfortable sunburn. The best fly sheets use materials that reflect the UV rays to help keep your horse protected from the heat of the sun without getting too warm. Although the flies cannot get through the fly sheet, the air is able to circulate through the gaps in between the fibres to prevent sweating and maintain the air flow.

A long lasting solution

Once you have purchased a quality fly sheet, you should expect it to last you for plenty more time to come. Your fly sheet can be washed to remove any dirt which has been collected, an easier alternative to bathing your horse and maintaining a tidy coat, which can keep them looking in great condition for longer. The washing method will differ on different products so check the manufacturing details from your fly rug of choice to keep it in optimum condition and maintain its properties. The fabrics used for fly sheets are fine but durable, able to withstand tough conditions and using high quality buckles which reduce the chance of snagging. If a tear or puncture happens to occur, the standard material of fly rugs prevents the fabric from keep ripping beyond the initial damage so you have the chance to carry out necessary repairs.

Keep them well covered

Of course a fly sheet only offers limited protection since their body is not entirely covered. As well as fly sheets, a fly mask is a great way to keep insects away from the eyes, ears and face of a horse in addition to the protection offered by the fly rug. Fly sheets are available in different designs so higher coverage options are available if preferred, covering larger surface areas than standard rugs. Extended necks continue up towards the throatlatch or alternatively a separate hood can be purchased to cover the same space by attaching to the rug at the shoulders. Certain designs also include belly bands which extend across the underside of the horse as this can be a particularly vulnerable area in certain situations such as long grass.