Can New Technologies Further Evolve Horse Racing?

Technology is changing all the time, and what’s interesting is that it is also changing the world of horse racing. If you want to find out more about that or if you are curious to see how much of an impact tech has had over the years, then simply look below.


It’s safe to say that tech has opened up quite a lot of avenues when it comes to distribution. People are now able to place their bets online and this has helped to really further the industry of horse racing. More and more people are getting interested in the sport and on top of this, people are also able to find out way more about horses too.

This helps to make sure that people are able to get a clearer idea of who they are betting on and why, pushing the industry to brand-new heights. Horse racing and betting has followed a very similar tangent to the online casino industry. People are now using casinos more because they are now way more accessible. Sites such as GGPoker are taking the industry by storm because you can access thousands of games at any one time. With horse racing, now you can view the details of thousands of horses, whether they are active or not.


A racehorse coach has to be able to train horses so that they can run faster and so they can also come out with a winning performance when it really matters. A good coach will know the performance capabilities of the horse they are training and they will also know their process and recovery time. They will know the jockey requirements and what they need to do in order to guide the horse to a victory. Some of the top racehorse coaches of all time have been able to achieve remarkable results by simply copying methodologies from other players but by also trying to make sure that they use tech to pinpoint where they are going wrong. It’s this process that truly helps to make sure that horses are able to achieve their full potential.


Racetracks can vary depending on the racecourse. Dirt and even synthetic are now becoming more and more popular and studies have even shown that fatal injuries have dropped by nearly 35%. Of course, it’s important to know that different horses have very different strengths when it comes to tracks but at the end of the day, it would seem that tech has a huge part to play in all of this.

Health and Nutrition

When you look at Bart Cummings, who is a legendary trainer, you’ll soon find that both health and nutrition is incredibly important. It’s also a factor that comes in last when it comes to racehorses. If the horse has the right lineage and the right prospects from a biological standpoint, the horse is fed so that it can fuel the muscles when on the track. Even though this does benefit the horse’s health, at the end of the day, it’s important to know that tech is helping people to understand the foods that horses need to become better on the field.


Breeding racehorses comes down to science. Thoroughbred horses are now being traced back to their lineage and owners want to make sure that they are breeding the right horses. Tech comes into this quite a lot. Tech helps people to make sure that the family of the horse has had any luck when it comes to producing a championship breed. This helps to increase probability and it also means that there are more likely to be champions in the future. It is also a good way for trainers to find out if a horse has any potential when it comes to producing faster horses. Another way that tech has come into this is when it comes to health conditions. People are able to find out if horses have a chance of developing health conditions or not based on the history of them, and all of this is documented through both science and tech.


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