Royal Ascot Beginners Guide: Ascot Rules and Etiquette

The Royal Ascot is said to be the pinnacle of the British flat horse racing season. For centuries, this horse racing event has showcased elegance and prestige through the showcase of skill of fine horses and experienced horse riders competing for a rewarding cash prize. Hosted by the Queen, this five-day event has attendees from prominent classes within British society. Like with any traditional prestigious English event, there are some rules and etiquette you must be aware of. To help you, this is a Royal Ascot beginners guide on Ascot rules and etiquette you should keep in mind.

  1. Follow the dress code

For an event as prestigious and traditional as this, the dress code is of utter importance. The brains behind the specified dress code of the event come from the 19th-century designer Beau Brummell’s idea of elegance. This eliminates the option of wearing casual sportswear. Instead, men must wear a black or grey morning dress with a waistcoat and a top hat. Ladies are to wear formal and brightly coloured dresses. Strapless or sheer dresses are not permitted. In addition, there should be no exposure to your shoulders or midriff. Branded clothing, fancy attires, and novelty clothing are also frowned upon.

  1. Queue patiently

The queues for the various areas on the grounds can be long and exhausting. It is standard English etiquette to wait patiently for your turn. Stay in the queue while waiting to get into the restaurant or to enter or leave an enclosure. Before queuing to place a bet, be sure to visit reliable betting platforms such as the Winners Enclosure for your Nap Of The Day. Place a bet with their free NAPs to increase your chances of making a profitable bet.

  1. Avoid blocking the view of others

Although you must wear top hats and elaborate fascinators during the event, this may be a problem. During a race, be sure to take off your hats and fascinators to ensure that other spectators on the stands can enjoy the races as well.

  1. Carry out celebrations moderately

There is a lot of adrenaline in the air during a horse race, and the Royal Ascot is no exception. However, being over-excited about your wins during this elegant event is frowned upon. Instead of screaming and jumping, as you would in other sporting games, be sure to celebrate moderately and instead of being discordant, celebrate your wins graciously. You can always celebrate your wins in your style once you leave the enclosure.

  1. Capture moment moderately

It would be impossible to be a part of such an event and not want to keep a few pictures. However, it is standard etiquette to put your phone or camera away occasionally to enjoy the ambience and atmosphere of the event. You would also be among celebrities which is always exciting. It is essential to respect their privacy by not taking sneak pictures of them or forcing them into taking selfies with you. This is not a practice of the Royal Ascot.