How you can bet at online sports betting.


Let me confess, I am a huge sports fan. Sports played a pivotal role in my youth, crescendoing in my collegiate football career, and watching sports is still a favorite pastime today. Like most fans, I welcome innovations that make watching sports more fun and engaging. But there is a new threat that tries to exploit this enthusiasm without regard to the consequences, and it is online sports betting. Check out  for the best odds.

From your ever-present mobile phone, you can increase your emotional and — more importantly, financial — engagement with any game or match, but you also expose yourself to alarming risks. If you’ve scrolled social media feeds or tuned in to watch on game day, you’ve probably been inundated with promos for “risk-free” and “no-brainer” betting opportunities on online sportsbooks. The ads position sports gambling as a fun, easy way to engage with the game and socialize with your friends, not unlike the fantasy football league you’re in.

But this isn’t just a game. It has serious, real-life consequences for millions of peoples, and we need to demand more education, regulation, and accountability to keep people safe. We shouldn’t wait for online sports betting to become a problem;

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Plenty of people stand to make money from sports betting, but so far, there are few laws or other controls in place to protect consumers from misleading or predatory marketing tactics. And what are the costs?

In a review of more than 140 studies and reports related to sports betting and gambling addiction, the National Council on Problem Gaming released a statement saying, “recent research suggests that gambling problems may increase as sports gambling grows explosively at the same time that mobile and online technologies evolve to create seemingly unlimited types of wagering opportunities.”