Ultimate Tips for Online Horse Race Betting


Throughout history, horse racing has become a staple form of entertainment. From the Olympic Games in Greece to Roman Arenas and Ancient Egypt’s Hippodromes, horse racing has been there. As simple as racing horses can be, it has become humankind’s leading source of income and entertainment.

For us Americans, horse racing is relatively new, but for the past 200 years, we have transformed horse racing into betting of one of a kind. As the Triple Crown races emerge again, many more fans and experts are tuning in to who will win the 2021 Triple Crown.

Many wages are being placed online, and most horse racing enthusiasts now prefer online betting to traditional in-game bets. You can find betting sites that accept LTC here.

Do Some Research

If it’s your first time to cast a bet on a horse race, or if you’re already a seasoned bettor, researching is a must before betting on a race. Researching helps you see the race better and clarify how you should approach your bet. It also ups your chances of winning and makes your wagers more worthwhile.

An easy way of doing research is reading the racing forms provided in every race. Racing forms or form guides provide information about the horse, the jockey, the jockey shirt color, their number in the race, their draw number, and their previous ranks, whether or not they were previously disqualified. This can tell you already a lot about the race.

However, the best two tips to make your bet worthwhile are researching the horses. Especially on the top three horses and their previous rank, and to research the racetracks, whether they’re going to race in turf or dirt as horses perform differently based on the race track.

Try Experimenting on Different Bets

It’s known in the gambling world that the more bets you place, the more chances of winning. The same can be said to horse race betting, but with a twist. Traditional horse race betting only has three options: win, place, and show.

These three are the fundamental choices for betting in horse races. These are also classic bets as they make up for the main bets placed during races.

However, trying out a different bet can help boost your wager and be more profitable. This is where exotic bets come in. Exotic bets offer a wide variety of bets that allow you to bet on different horses in one race. The two main exotic bets are called Exacta, where you bet on two horses to place in the exact ranks that you bet them to, and Quinella, where you bet on who will be on the top 2 places, and the ranks don’t have to be in order, unlike the Exacta.

Shop the Current Odds

Horse racing odds sometimes determine your chances of winning that wager. Shopping the odds helps you choose your bet or what horse you’re betting on. It’s simply looking at different online gambling websites, bookmakers, or racebooks to see which odds are on the top.

You can compare the odds between websites until you can make a satisfactory decision on your wager and finalize your bet. This ensures you have a well-thought bet that has no chance of losing – if you’re ever so lucky.

Have Criteria for Choosing the Winning Horse

No horse race bets are won without its star: the horses. Thoroughbred horses make up most of the horses that join these races, and they also bring with them a quality assurance to win. There are many ways to choose a winning horse. The ultimate tip to choosing the right horse is to choose the winning horse. It’s funny, but horses who are on the top are sometimes always deemed to win.

In case you want to wager on another horse since your favorite winning horse is long gone, you can choose your new winning horse with these qualities:

  • History. This can help you with how the horse performed in previous races and their experience in the tracks.
  • Gait. This can be seen in how the horse walks. This is helpful in case the horse has an injury waiting to happen or if a horse isn’t up to the track.
  • Odds. This can help you know which horses are currently the top favorites. Odds also determine their chances of winning as well as how much you’re getting if they win.
  • How the horse behaves. Moments before the race, the horses are paraded in the paddock. This gives you a chance to view the horses and see if they’re ready to race. Intuition-wise, this can be easily understood.

Make Sure to Wager What You Can Afford to Lose

This is a tip you shouldn’t waste time doing and thinking about. Betting is only fun when you have enough money to bet on with. But if you don’t think and just cast your bet mindlessly, you might be circling down the drain before collecting your purse.

The best way to ensure that doesn’t happen is to manage your finances before you bet – or it’s better if you can manage your whole bankroll even before you decide to join in betting. It’s a no-no to bet when you don’t have the budget to do so. So know your limits and allocate just a meager amount to your bet.

After betting for quite a while, you can take time and money to bet. As long as you’ve done your homework well and provided that you have ample money, then go!

You Might Lose, but it’s Still Winning

Beginners and seasoned bettors sometimes lose. Losing is still part of the game, which is why it’s called a bet. You bet to win or lose. That’s just it. Taking it to heart is not a good attitude for betting. You’ll just be a sore loser. But losing can help you realize how much work it takes to cast a bet. Think of it as an experience. Knowing what to do next, knowing which bet is better, to which bet is the right one is all formed once you lose. So embrace losing; there’s always a next time.


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