Factors to Consider when Betting on Horse Racing


Anyone who wants to sharpen their horse racing betting strategy can check out the following factors for assistance.

How to Improve at Horse Racing Betting

Compared to football or any other team sport, there is an added complexity when betting on horse racing. In fact, while Formula 1 has a set list of drivers for the season, there are myriad betting options within horse racing. And therein lies the challenge for horse racing bettors – even the veteran ones. If you want to get better, then check out the following factors.

Know the Terminology

This factor is for the new bettors who are not familiar with the common parlance of horse racing. Before placing a bet, please ensure that you understand the gorses are called runners and that there are different breeds. Furthermore, you can also find weights for each runner and there can also be penalties that are applied to make sure that the race is fair.

When analyzing an upcoming race on a site like the Racing Post, you should also be able to see the type of race (flat or jumps) as well as the racing conditions. Specifically, you should take note of the “going”, which refers to the condition of the surface. Examples would include soft, good, and firm, though can be as complex as “good to firm, good in places”.

Watch the Surface

When reading the profile of a horse, you can look at how it performs depending on the going. No matter how good a horse can perform, any runner can struggle when the going goes against their strengths. And this is why you do not want to rush the placement of your bets. After all, it can rain suddenly overnight and a previously firm course suddenly becomes soft.

For the uninitiated, a soft course is typically favored by the more solid runners that can hit the ground and remain stable. Conversely, a firm course is excellent for the slight and speedy horses that can really run on a solid surface. When the going falls in the middle, there can be interesting outcomes.

Top 10 Slots for Horse Racing Bettors

Anyone who has a passion for betting on horse racing can also enjoy video slots that are based on horse racing and motorsports. With the help of the aforementioned link, you can find the best racing slots that are currently playable at the top online casino sites.

When focusing on the horse racing slots from the list, Rival’s A Day at the Derby is a worthy option. The slot uses a familiar structure with five reels and 20 paylines that are adorned with themed symbols such as jockeys, horseshoes, and trophies. With the help of the blue jockey, a user can try to unlock free spins.

Sure Win is the second horse racing slot from the list, though has been published on the Microgaming network of online casino sites rather than Rival Gaming. Created with five reels and three rows, Sure Win offers 25 paylines and a maximum reward of up to 24 free spins. Plus, there is a risk game with the chance to win double or lose.

Understand Form

In horse racing, a fan can work off a schedule and select a preferred course for the day. To be effective at horse racing, it can help to focus on the same course and research every runner within each race for the day. Now that you understand the terminology, you need to understand how to read the overview of all the runners in the race.

While you can monitor the age, weight, jockey, and trainer associated with a horse, the priority should be on the form. Look for the horizontal list of numbers and letters and analyze how the horse has performed of late – odds alone cannot be used to determine which horse will win. If you need to learn how to read horse racing form, then read the following checklist:

  • 1-9: Finished from one to nine
  • 0: Finished outside the first nine
  • –: A dash separates form between season
  • /: A slash represents a longer gap
  • P: Horse pulled up
  • F: Horse fell
  • R: Horse refused a jump
  • BD: Horse falls because of another runner
  • UR: Jockey unseated by horse
  • C: Runner won at course previously
  • D: Won at the distance before
  • CD: Won at course and distance
  • BF: Beaten as a favourite

The purpose of the form is to provide a snapshot of a runner’s recent history without requiring bettors to go hunting for detailed biographies. And it can pay off when you understand the form compared to an amateur bettor. For example, spotting a break between seasons can show that a once solid performer has struggled in the new campaign. Alternatively, you might also find a rising star who is showing signs of maturing in the new season.

Trainers with Pedigree

For the most dedicated bettors, it can be a successful strategy to also become fans of the trainers. When looking back at the likes of the Grand National and Cheltenham, you will notice that some trainers perform better than others when producing horses with a winning pedigree. While you might fancy one particular runner, another horse could stand out for the quality of its trainer. Any career in horse racing requires dedication to the animals.

Know the Jockeys

Jockeys’ names are also featured in the form guide and this is for good reason. Quite simply, the better jockeys are invited to ride the best horses. So, if a guy like Ruby Walsh or Ryan Moore is in the field, you had better have a good reason to bet against their runner. Fundamentally, all of this information must be interpreted to provide a balanced betting selection.

Hedging Your Bets

Horse racing does not need to be as restrictive as betting on the one runner that you feel could win. Typically, the most consistent bettors will place each-way bets that can reward them for winning or having their selection place. Depending on the race, a horse could place for finishing in the top three, five, or whichever number has been specified. Receiving even a small win can keep bettors in the game for longer.


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