Bloomfield Open Hunt goes state-of-the-art with its arena footing

Bloomfield Hills, MI

Bloomfield Open Hunt (“BOH”) is excited to announce the installation of state-of-the-art riding surfaces to its Equestrian Facility.  BOH partnered with JTWG All Equestrian Surfaces for the installation.  JTWG is one of the world’s leading designers and constructors of equestrian riding surfaces.  JTWG is a strategic partner in ring development and installation for some of the most premier riding facilities and competition centers throughout the Midwest and East Coast, including such venues as Traverse City Horse Shows, Palm Beach International Equestrian Center and Tryon International Equestrian Center.

JTWG partners with iEquiTek, LLC to develop the optimal footing formula based on the climate, usage and maintenance needs of each arena.  iEquiTek is a high technology company providing design and measurement services using patent-pending technologies to the equestrian sport industry including competition venues, training facilities, high performance riders, arena/farm owners, and footing surface and component manufacturers. The iEquiTek database enables rapid comparisons to many arenas, allowing fast design iteration and optimization for performance and maintenance.

Karen Robinson, President of BOH, said “The investment to partner with JTWG and iEquiTek, LLC is a strategic decision.  By utilizing state-of-the-art arena design and construction technology, we can provide a safer and kinder footing for our horses while providing rings that are easier and more cost efficient to maintain.  This decision maintains the long-standing equestrian excellence of BOH and separates our riding facilities from others.”

Travis Gould, President of JTWG, said “We are very proud to have constructed these two new arenas for BOH.  This has allowed BOH to realize their strategic vision of moving to state-of-the-art riding surfaces. They are now one of the few venues that can make that claim.  We used all the same methodologies we use to build many of the world’s leading equestrian competition and training venues.  BOH was enthusiastically engaged in this project.  That speaks to their commitment to excellence.”

Heather Irvine, Owner of Hillside Farms and Resident Trainer at BOH said “The change at BOH with these new state-of-the-art riding surfaces has been instant and dramatic.  They are beautiful and amazing for the horses’ welfare.  The surface is consistent, whether it’s sunny or after a heavy rain.  The horses now move naturally and more confidently.  This translates into better training outcomes, and happier horses and riders.  The maintenance protocols which are defined specifically for the arenas have allowed the BOH staff to always have the arenas tuned to their peak performance.  The scientific testing tools which came with the arenas even allow us to detect and localize any potential issues before they arise.”

Bill Hawe, President of iEquiTek, said “Only state-of-the-art riding surfaces are designed in a laboratory to achieve specific performance outcomes, safety, and horse health/welfare.  They are then meticulously constructed, by our strategic partner JTWG, and tested at every step of the process.  We test the final surface to assure that it meets the performance specifications.  Then they are maintained with protocols designed specifically for this surface, including daily testing.  We use this state-of-the-art process at the top international competition venues and now here at BOH.  It is very exciting to work with an organization which has made a full commitment to being the best.”

The state-of-the-art riding surface installation occurred in its main outdoor ring which measures 310’ x 175’ and its historic heated indoor riding arena that measures 183’ x 79’.  BOH has two other natural sand arenas that allow for variety and overflow training and riding (Outdoor Ring: 255’ x 165’ and Indoor Ring: 190’ x 80’).     

Bloomfield Open Hunt (“BOH”) is a private club located in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan (Oakland County).  BOH was established in 1917 as a sports club focused around Equestrian and has developed into a family sports club that continues to invite members to join in its rich heritage.  The Equestrian legacy of hosting the Detroit and Motor City Horse Shows continues today by offering a premier Equestrian facility in the center of Oakland County.  As the Show outgrew the space, the facilities have been dedicated to provide the ultimate care to horse and rider with four arenas.  BOH has an Olympic size pool and an active Swim community (BOH Bullfrogs), large indoor and outdoor tennis facilities, fitness center and completes the member experience with casual quality dining and an inviting catering space in its club house.

Membership Inquiries can be sent to Lindsey Platz at or call 248-644-9411.  Training inquires can be sent to Heather Irvine at or call 248-563-3376.