Alexander Alston Claims USHJA Gladstone Cup Equitation Classic Win

Alexander Alston and Campreoll

Devon, Pa. – July 12, 2021 – Hosted by Brandywine Horse Shows, the 2021 Adequan®/USEF Junior Hunter National Championship – East Coast kicked off Monday, July 12, at the Devon Horse Show Grounds in Devon, Pennsylvania. Highlighting junior equitation athletes as a part of the three-day event, the USHJA Gladstone Cup Equitation Classic welcomed a total of 138 athletes in the Wheeler Ring and iconic Dixon Oval Monday for the three-round class. Showcasing some of the nations most decorated equitation competitors, 138 horse and rider combinations tried their hand during phase one of competition vying for a chance to earn a coveted spot in the final work off. In the end, it was Alexander Alston who rode Campreoll to top honors, while Skylar Wireman and Il Mio claimed second place and Dominic Gibbs rode Cent 15 to round out the top three.

Skylar Wireman, Alexander Alston and Dominic Gibbs (from left to right)

The East Coast event was open to any Junior rider that had qualified in applicable equitation classes at other competitions. The prestigious class began with a classic round, then the field was whittled down to the top 20 to return in reverse order of the standings for the handy phase. At the conclusion of the classic round, Gibbs led the way on an impressive first-round score of 95. Alston followed closely behind on a score of 92, and Natalie Jayne on a score of 90. The handy phase posed a new set of questions for the top 20 to answer, shuffling the standings significantly as they tried their best to demonstrate correct position while slicing and dicing through the eight-fence track.

Finally, the top six athletes, Kyla Sullivan, Riley Hogan, Wireman, Gibbs, Alston and Jayne returned for a work-off where each would complete the second round course yet again. For the top six riders, new challenges were presented throughout the same course as they switched horses. Sullivan was first in the ring to try her hand at the test aboard Hogan’s mount Jones, showcasing a beautiful test and highlighting her ability to tackle a new ride quickly. Hogan was next in the ring on Sullivan’s longtime mount Kenan. Together, the pair maneuvered their way throughout the eight-obstacle course with ease, helping her hold the sixth position. Wireman followed aboard Gibbs’ trusted partner Cent 15 and laid down a jaw-dropping third round, impressing the judges with her confidence and ease throughout the course, which would ultimately help her move up in the ranks from third to second place. Gibbs was fourth in the ring to try his hand at the test aboard Wireman’s mount Il Mio and continued his consistency, earning himself a third-round score of 84, which would secure him the third-place spot in the end. Alston took to the Dixon Oval next, returning on the highly notable Charisma and highlighted the true meaning of equitation, showcasing his ability to move from one mount to the next while keeping his beautiful position and rhythm throughout the round. Jayne was the final contender in the ring riding Alston’s Campreoll, and despite some costly mistakes in the third round, Jayne continued to hold her own, helping her secure the fourth position out of a tough group of competitors. At the conclusion of the class, Alston was ultimately awarded the first place honors for his valiant efforts.

Skylar Wireman and Il Mio

Under the tutelage of Missy Clark, John Brennan and Maggie Gampfer of North Run, Alston continuously impressed the judges aboard Campreoll, a 15-year-old Swedish Warmblood gelding owned by Clark. The 17-year-old athlete kicked off the day with a win in the Adequan®/USEF Junior Hunter National Championship – East Coast Large Junior Hunter 16-17 Classic with *Cash* and has recently celebrated great success on a variety of horses, even claiming the Best Junior Rider Award at the 2021 Upperville Colt & Horse Show. Gampfer spoke highly of her student, highlighting his willingness to go above and beyond, even grooming his own horse for the class.

Dominic Gibbs and Cent 15

Claiming the second place honors was Wireman aboard her mount Il Mio, a 13-year-old Belgian Warmblood gelding owned by Heritage Farm. Wireman continued to impress the judges throughout all three rounds, especially shining a light on her ability to quickly switch horses in round three, helping her secure a hefty third-round score of 94 and putting her into second position. Gibbs, aboard his trusted mount Cent 15, a 13-year-old Hanoverian gelding owned by Mountain King Ranch LLC, are no strangers to the winner’s circle having claimed the title of 2020 ASPCA Maclay Championship Winner. This dynamic pair continues to rack up top results in championships around the country. 

Alexander Alston and Campreoll

This dynamic pair continued to impress the judges during round two earning them a score of 88, putting them into the third position going into the test. After demonstrating a beautiful round on Wireman’s mount Il Mio, Gibbs would continue to steadily hold his third position rounding out the top three with a third-round test score of 84. 

Alexander Alston and Campreoll


Alexander Alston – USHJA Gladstone Cup Equitation Classic winner
On Campreoll:
“Brian is very easy going and I feel like I can rely on him, which was nice to know going into a class like this with three rounds. He is a straightforward horse with quite a bit of experience, so he was a great partner in this class.”

Alexander Alston and Campreoll

On the first and second round:
“Our first round was good! I kind of just got on a good gallop and kept going, so everything fell into place for that. My plan for the second round was to stay in the same place and not make any big moves that could cost me. I really wanted to just be consistent and hold where I was in the order with a solid round.”

On switching horses:
“Switching horses was interesting! Luckily, I figured [Charisma] out quite quickly and I felt like he was straightforward, so I felt like I got a great horse to switch on to. I was quite happy with my round.”

On winning the USHJA Gladstone Cup Equitation Classic:
“It feels great! I think it is extra special because it is just Maggie [Gampfer] and I here together and not the whole big North Run team we are used to. I am thrilled with how [Campreoll] went and how consistent I was able to stay throughout all of the phases. It was also a great redemption for me because yesterday I was in Lake Placid showing and I did not have such a great second round in the [Kathy Scholl Equitation Championship], so it was really nice to redeem myself and get a confidence boost from this win today. Special thank you to Maggie [Gampfer] and Vinnie Desiderio for their help here, and thank you to the whole North Run team!”

Maggie Gampfer – Trainer of Alexander Alston

On being the trainer of the winning rider:
“Honestly, it is awesome to have Alex win this class! We always put this horse show on our schedule every year for our junior hunters, so obviously we have to bring an equitation horse with us to compete in the Gladstone [Cup Equitation Classic]. I love this class because the first phase is just a classic hunter round. For me, to get on and get a gallop where you can just jump to make it look even, is great. Then you can use the second round to go for it a bit more. It is kind of hunter derby style where you can lay down a great tip in the first round, then really go for it in the handy and do the handiest thing you can achieve! I like the final six too where they swap horses. It shows a rider test and that it isn’t just a partnership, but can you hop on a new horse and handle the pressure of possibly being on top or moving up, and can you adjust to the horse quickly enough. I think it is a real rider test in my opinion.”

On being at the 2021 Adequan®/USEF Junior Hunter National Championship – East Coast, hosted by Brandywine Horse shows:
“It is weird to be back here without [the Devon Horse Show & Country Fair] having happened! I showed here as a kid and I think Devon is so special and the Dixon Oval is an iconic place to have stepped in the ring. It is a nice venue to have this at and the ring is nice and big so that you can get on a nice gallop.”

Jennifer Burger – Co-Founder of Brandywine Horse Shows

On hosting the 2021 Adequan®/USEF Junior Hunter National Championship – East Coast at Brandywine Horse Shows:
“I am partners with Louise Serio in Brandywine Horse Shows and Paul Jewell is our manager and he does a great job. I personally get excited over [having record numbers]! I love this facility and I think it’s a great match for this horse show. It is tricky logistically, which is more Paul [Jewell] and Louise [Serio]’s territory, so they are put more to a test than I am in my areas, which is really the marketing and sponsorship area of the shows. I absolutely love it. It’s big and very exciting! Everybody loves this facility – It’s charming, it’s bold! People haven’t been able to come to Devon for two years, so I think we caught a little bit of that glory here. These horses here are just unbelievable! I love watching the USHJA Gladstone Cup Equitation Classic and I am looking forward to continuing to watch the Junior Hunters. I love everything and I could sit and watch caliber horses and riders like this endlessly. We are honored to host a competition like this here!”


USHJA Gladstone Cup Equitation Classic:
Place / Rider / Horse / Owner / R1 / R2 / R3 | Final Score
1. Alexander Alston / Campreoll / North Run / 92 / 92 / 93 | 277
2. Skylar Wireman / Il Mio / Heritage Farm / 83.5 / 90 / 94 | 267.5
3. Dominic Gibbs / Cent 15 / Mountain King Ranch LLC / 95 / 88 / 84 | 267
4. Natalie Jayne / Charisma / Heritage Farm / 90 / 95 / 80 | 265
5. Kyla Sullivan / Kenan / Kyla Sullivan / 84.5 / 86 / 87 | 257.5
6. Riley Hogan / Jones / Monkey Business LLC / 85 / 88 / 82 | 255
7. Kat Fuqua / Itteville / Kat Fuqua / 82.25 / 87 | 169.25
8. Caroline Signorino / Vidocq De La By / Hillside Farm LLC / 83 / 85.5 | 168.5
9. Aundrea Hillyard / Cervino / Hampton Green Farms LLC / 84.25 / 84 | 168.25
10. Stella Wasserman / Attendu De Lannois Z / Ashland Farms / 87 / 81 | 168
11. Emily Clee / Pontecini / Emily Cryway / 82.5 / 80 | 162.5
12. Samantha Takacs / Cornell 22 / McKenzie Casper / 89 / 76 | 165