How To Check If an Online Casino Has a License?

Do you know that certain countries do not allow their citizens to participate in gambling? At the same time, even a local license is not mandatory for opening an online casino in some countries. Certain countries let the casinos function with an international license, while some demand a local license. Curacao, Gibraltar, Malta, The Isle of Man, Costa Rica are some countries that provide licenses for online casinos. As licensing is a way of authorizing the casino, you can trust licensed casinos such as winny casinos and OlyBet website.

Why should you check if the casino is licensed?

Before registering yourself in a casino, you should check for the license and policies of the casino. Casino games involve a lot of money and revealing several vital information, so you should be very careful while registering. Several illegal casinos use the credentials of the customers to steal their money or identity. They will be concerned about their reputation, and losing customers’ information can badly affect their reputation. On the flip side, you can trust a licensed casino with your personal and bank particulars; your confidentiality is their priority.

License issuing authorities

Several countries, such as with online casino singapore, issue a license for gambling platforms, and they issue a license based on different criteria. Even when the evaluation methods are other, a license from any authorities makes these sites trustworthy and user-friendly. Here are some of the authorities that issue licenses for online casinos:

· UK License: UK authorities are among the most trusted license issuing authorities for online gambling platforms. Their website mentions the status of licensed of every affiliated platform. So, you can check the website and clarify if the license is legit; you can visit their website and search for the license number. This license gives all information regarding the license and complaints against casinos registered to them on the website. UK licensing features help you find the best casinos.

· Malta License: Malta issue license based on strict checking of documents and verification process. That makes this license the second most trustworthy casino license in the world. Malta license is the assurance that the casino is safe for depositing money and leaving your personal information. Malta authority takes strict actions against complaints from customers; check their official website to confirm the license is legit.

· Gibraltar License: Gibraltar Licensing Authority has been issuing licenses for casinos for several years now, and their license is trusted widely by players. It never had any issues with the companies that they give licenses with so far. Players have to check the legitimacy of the license by searching the website of Gibraltar license. 

· Curacao License: This authority is one of the world’s most popular online casino licensing authorities. They are very cost-effective, and the procedures are straightforward for the casinos. You cannot easily verify its legitimacy as a player because the Curacao license does not give out information about registered casinos. You have to contact the jurisdiction to get information regarding the license directly, and filing a complaint is impossible. 

How to know if a casino has a license?

To find if a casino a licensed one or does it have any complaints registered, follow these simple steps:

· Check for Logo: Go to the bottom of the home page of that casino’s website and look if there is any gambling commission logo. If there is no logo, the casino won’t have a license; you should immediately leave the site and find a licensed casino.

· Verify the Logo: If there is a logo, you should verify it by clicking on the logo. Once you click the logo, it should redirect you to the official website of licensing commission. If it does not take you to the website, chances are the logo is faked, and the casino does not have any license. 

· Re-verify the license: If you reach the official licensing authority website, check for the license status. Ensure that the license is valid; you can also find complaints against the casino from that website. Register on the website only after verifying the license.

Play safe!

Licensing authority has a significant role in determining the trustworthiness of a website. If you find the licensing jurisdiction of the casino unfamiliar, search it on the internet and read about it. Check if the authority demands a strict privacy policy of customers and take rapid action against complaints. There are several fake casinos with forged licenses; never fall for their trap.