Horse Racing and 4 Other Things We Can’t Wait to Get Back to After Lockdown

2020 was a year that really highlighted just how much we tend to take for granted. As our lives were flipped on their heads and we found ourselves unable to attend the events that we normally would, we found ourselves both longing for normality and the events that come with it. 

Well, it has been a very tough 18 months but things are looking like they may just be ready to open up again. As vaccines are rolled out across the world and lockdown gently eases in country to country, we’re left excited for all of the possibilities that come with a newfound sense of freedom. 

To build the anticipation even more, here are some of the things that we can’t wait to do once lockdown is over. 

Horse Racing 

Nothing quite lives up the atmosphere of going to watch horse racing. Once you’ve put on some of your best clothes, headed down to the track and heard the familiar blast of the starting gun, it will almost seem like 2020 never even happened. Pair that with some drinks, nice food and roar of the crowds and honestly, what more could you possibly want? 

Going to Casinos 

The glitz and glamour of a casino have been well and truly missed. Granted, thanks to the amazing games on sites such as Royal Vegas Canada, which can be found at, we have been able to get a good substitute for actually attending casinos, but that doesn’t stop us being excited about going back to the real thing. 

Pubs and Nightclubs 

Most pubs and bars are back open but we’re yet to head back into somewhere playing music where everyone can go for a dance. There’s been a lot of good music released throughout 2020 / 2021 and it all remains as yet un-danced to. Not to mention, these nights out are a great excuse to see friends, which is one of the things everyone missed the most during lockdown. 

Plan a Holiday Without Fear

The travel and tourism industry was arguably one of the worst hit sectors during the pandemic as planes were grounded and only essential travel was allowed. Things are still a bit touch and go when it comes to this area but there is certainly more room for travel than previously. It is incredibly exciting to look forward to a day when people will be able to travel without fear of the repercussions when getting home or wondering whether they will get stuck wherever they are going. 

Live Music and Theatre 

The arts have also been massively affected by coronavirus as people have been unable to attend gigs or go watch plays and comedy throughout the majority of the pandemic. Now, as everywhere opens up, socially distanced theatre and shows have been brought back into play whilst we await the return of regular jam-packed shows thriving with atmosphere, energy and the great sound of actual music being play through amplifiers.


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