Finding Excellence with Equine Elixirs

Josie Cassens and Shadowfax

Equine Elixirs was founded by a horse owner for horse owners. In 2016, when her horse began showing signs of gastric ulcers, amateur rider Elizabeth Ehrlich could not find a solution on the market that met her needs. So she set out to make her own affordable, all-natural gastric support supplement made of forage-based ingredients. And with that, Ulceraser was born.

After that, an entire line of equine supplements followed. Ehrlich named the supplement line Equine Elixirs, and the brand is paving the way for the future of equine supplements. Produced locally in Wellington, FL, these USHJA-safe, USEF-safe and FEI-safe supplements are favorites among well-known professionals, including McLain Ward, Georgina Bloomberg, Stacia Madden, and more. 

Not only are professionals taking note of Equine Elixirs, but amateur riders are finding success in the show ring using the products on their horses. On the following pages, several amateurs and professionals share their personal reviews of the supplements.

Emily Goldberg 

Amateur rider Emily Goldberg takes her horses’ health and wellbeing seriously. Since graduating from college, she has been working as a private tutor, specializing in helping young equestrians achieve their academic goals. 

“I’m grateful my job gives me the liberty to train every day and spend as much as time as possible with my horses,” Goldberg says. “It’s important to me to not only be a rider but also a horsewoman and know everything that’s going into my horses.”  

Goldberg recently starting dabbling in the jumper ring after an extensive junior career competing in the hunters and equitation. “I’m competing with two horses right now: Mojito, my Amateur-Owner Hunter, and Davos B, a jumper owned by Beth Underhill,” Goldberg adds. “Davos B or ‘Zach’ is the first jumper I’ve ever ridden, and we recently moved up to the 1.10m level. These horses are quite wonderful; I’d do anything to make them feel their best.”

A key part of Goldberg’s winning formula is Calmakazi used in conjunction with Postitude. “I haven’t loved a lot of products in the past. What I love about the Equine Elixirs is that there is no ‘sketchy stuff’ inside and all the ingredients are natural,” she says. 

Emily Goldberg

“Unlike some other supplements, it doesn’t make them sleepy. Instead, it helps regulate their mood and stress levels. We travel a lot to various horse shows and my work schedule changes daily, so my horses must adapt to that. Using Calmakazi and Postitude helps them be more consistent inside and outside the show ring.”

“I want to be the best that I can be and using Equine Elixirs helps keep my horses more focused when we are competing,” says Goldberg, who is also granddaughter of the late Los Angeles Dodgers Manager Tommy Lasorda. “Being a competitive athlete is in my blood and I think of my horses as athletes too. As athletes, I only want to put the best ingredients into their systems. It’s cool that Equine Elixirs has ingredients like lentils, peas, and sunflower seeds.”

Josie Cassens and Shadowfax

Josephine Cassens 

Using Calmakazi has helped take Josephine Cassens’ Shadowfax to the next level. “When I got Shadowfax or ‘Joey’ almost ten years ago, he was very spooky and had room for growth,” Cassens says. “He eventually developed into a fantastic Junior Hunter and was part of my high school equestrian team with me. However, if we were at a show with a lot of people, he would need a lot of prep. By nature, Joey is a very spooky horse, and he sees the world in a way I don’t think any other horse does.” 

Cassens started Joey on Calmakazi during the pandemic, and since returning to the show ring, has noticed an improvement. “With using Equine Elixirs, he’s a lot more relaxed and doesn’t spook at random things that I don’t see,” she says. “The supplements really keep him in a good mental state.”

As a student at the University of Chicago, Cassens balances her time between studying and riding. “I don’t always get to put in the hours that I would like to in the saddle, so it’s really reassuring to know that I have Calmakazi to help keep Joey calm and collected.”

Just recently, the pair earned the championship in the Adult Amateur Hunter Division at the West Palms LA May Premier Horse Show, and she is looking forward to a great show season. “Whatever I need him to do, he can grow with me,” Cassens adds. “Since starting the Calmakazi, he’s been so much simpler and doesn’t need as much prep. It’s more than just making him calm; it makes him happier and that makes me happier.” 

Natasha Freeman and Stuart

Natasha Freeman

Stuart, a 14-year-old off-the-track Thoroughbred gelding owned by Natasha Freeman of Binghamton, NY, sustained an injury in April that required him to go on stall rest. While Freeman notes that Stuart is typically calm, cool, and collected, he can still have his moments—like any horse. In an effort to keep him safe and to ensure speedy healing, Freeman turned to Equine Elixirs’ all-natural nervous system support supplement Calmakazi to help Stuart remain calm during the extended downtime. Freeman also decided that all-natural gastric support supplement Ulceraser would complement his supplement regimen knowing that it would be possible for ulcers to develop as a “stress response” to the injury and lack of turnout. Within weeks of starting Calmakazi, Freeman says that she had a very content horse. 

“He was just so mellow,” she says. “My trainer even commented on how well he was behaving during our hand walks. I think that these are supplements everybody should be using because they are all-natural and whole-food based. They are also at a price point where ‘run of the mill’ people can use them; they are not just something that people at the top of the sport can afford.”

Stuart is now back in work, and pleased with how great Stuart looks and feels, Freeman doesn’t have any plans to take her horse off the supplements. The pair hopes to return to hunter shows this summer and looks forward to competing again with the help of Equine Elixirs. 

Kristen Agger’s Barry

Kristen Aggers

In August of 2020, Kristen Aggers of Napa, CA, took a chance on a six-year-old German Warmblood gelding named Baudric (“Barry”) by purchasing him sight unseen due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Trained to second level dressage, Aggers had high hopes for the young horse. After he arrived, however, it was clear that he wasn’t feeling quite right. After Aggers consulted with veterinarians and experts to determine the root of Barry’s discomfort, she ultimately got the horse’s diagnosis—kissing spines. In Barry’s case, the best way to remedy this back pain-inducing condition was surgery.

Knowing that she’d need to keep Barry calm and comfortable, and to aid in a fast and full recovery, Aggers turned to a trio of Equine Elixirs all-natural supplements. Aggers was first introduced to Equine Elixirs after she won a sample of hormone support supplement, Positude, from a contest. After recognizing a huge difference in Barry’s ability to focus almost immediately after putting him on it, Aggers reached out to Equine Elixirs to learn about the other products. With guidance from founder Liz Ehrlich, Aggers added nervous system support supplement Calmakazi to Barry’s supplement routine to help keep him at ease during recovery from surgery as well as antioxidant and immunity support supplement Immunox.  

“I wanted Barry on Immunox for its source of natural Vitamin E to help with the healing and trauma to his body,” says Aggers. “Also, we were seeing a lot of breathing-related issues and asthma in the horses due to the poor air quality caused by the lingering smoke from the wildfires [in northern California at the time]. With all of this in mind, adding Immunox into Barry’s regimen made sense.”

The three products in combination did wonders for Barry who is now recovering well from surgery and working on the lunge line for 20 minutes every day.  

“When I put Barry on Calmakazi, his whole affect changed,” says Aggers. “He seemed less edgy, more at peace, more settled, and able to cope with stress in different environments. Being on all of these products, I’ve seen a big improvement in his coat, overall demeanor, and his ability to focus. I swear by [these supplements]. I canceled all of my other supplements and switched completely to Equine Elixirs. I think it’s important to say that I am not sponsored by the brand. It’s simply a line of products that I really believe in.”

Karoline Sauls and Casanova

Karoline Sauls 

Like the founder of Equine Elixirs, Karoline Sauls was once an amateur rider seeking out a natural solution for her horses’ digestion issues.

“I would get on my horse, Pacco, and start to trot. Then, he would stop dead in his tracks and wrap his nose around my foot,” Sauls explains. “My trainer at the time suggested scoping him for ulcers and we discovered that he had gastric ulcers and did a 30-day treatment of Ulcerguard. It got me curious about what causes ulcers and what kinds of supplements I could do to prevent them from coming back in the future.”

Sauls was pleasantly surprised when she learned about the natural ingredients in Ulceraser. “My trainer recommended Equine Elixirs Ulceraser and I was a bit skeptical at first,” she says. “Then, I started researching the ingredients. I noticed it had various seeds and I found studies showing that these seeds were proven to help with gastric ulcers. I looked into buying the seeds in bulk but then realized it was more affordable to buy Ulceraser. At that point, I started Pacco on Ulceraser and he has not had any signs of ulcers since then.”

In January 2019, two of her other horses (who were not yet on the Ulceraser) were rushed into colic surgery within less than two weeks of each other. “Cheers Casiro and Casanova both needed colic surgery for a displacement,” she says. “I asked the surgeon at the hospital if there was anything that could have caused this and he explained that it was purely a coincidence. It was so heart wrenching. These are your soul mates and it’s awful for them.” 

As her horses recovered from their surgeries, Sauls started them on Ulceraser. “Now I have all of my competing horses on Ulceraser and it helps keep them happy and healthy,” she adds. “I recommend it to people all the time because they are natural and affordable. I love the customer service and how I can even put the supplements on autoship.” 

Grafton Ridge LLC is an Equine Elixirs customer. Photo Courtesy Grafton Ridge, LLC

Looking Ahead

Ehrlich and her team at Equine Elixirs are excited about continuing to innovate in the equine supplement space. They’ve recently added Electrofresh®, a banana-flavored electrolyte, and Sudden Comfort ®, a calming paste, to their lineup of natural supplements, and they are hard at work creating even more new products. 

In addition to developing supplements, the team enjoys making connections and helping horse owners. “We really get to know a lot of the horses that use our products, and we love making those personal connections,” says Kimberly Ercius of Equine Elixirs. “Our relationship with our customers is so important to us. We have a direct line listed on our website and our response time on social media is less than two minutes. We are horse owners ourselves, so we genuinely care and enjoy interacting with our customers.” 

To learn more about Equine Elixirs, their products, and their team, visit


About Positude®

Positude is made from highly concentrated leaf, berry, and root extracts that act upon the pituitary to maintain even hormone levels in mares, geldings, and stallions. Mimicking the effects of progesterone therapy, Positude is safe to handle, easy to feed, and its daily delivery system eliminates peaks and troughs of hormonal fluctuations.

About Calmakazi®

Calmakazi’s unique and effective multi-pronged approach offers full coverage for the broadest group of horses and their individual needs. Forage-based ingredients containing magnesium, tryptophan, and B vitamins help promote optimal nervous system function, while apoptogenic extracts help regulate cortisol and serotonin in response to external stressors.

About Ulceraser®

Ulceraser’s forage-based all-natural proprietary blend provides daily support of the entire GI tract. Ulceraser is ideal for horses subject to the most common risk factors for digestive upset and ulcers, including training, traveling, competition, limited turnout, large grain meals, use of non-steroidal anti-inflammatories, changes in weather, or other forms of stress.

About Immunox®

Immunox is an immunity and antioxidant blend that helps reduce daily oxidative stress. Intense physical exercise, traveling, and exposure to sick horses can compromise your horse’s immune system requiring longer periods of recovery, and leaving them more susceptible to infection, soreness, or tying-up. By providing a highly bioavailable source of natural Vitamin E (d-alpha tocopheryl acetate) and potent antioxidants in conjunction with Vitamin C, Vitamin A, selenium, and polyphenols, Immunox strengthens your horse’s natural defense system and boosts natural immune function.

Photos by Sara Shier Photography, Image by Katie, and Captured Moment Photography

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