How to grow on Instagram as a horse rider

Instagram is a part of our everyday lives and taking pictures on your phone is so easy. We have the option to edit on Photoshop then post them on Instagram instantly and you might think that once you’ve posted your picture on Instagram, your work is done but in fact, this is where your work begins. The aim of social media is to gain followers and there are many ways to gain followers such as being consistent online. One of the ways you can contribute to Instagram growth is by simply buying followers via growth services like Growthsilo. Instagram is a great platform and you should use it to spread the word about what you do, even if you are a horse rider. Horse riding is not considered one of the most popular sports and it can be difficult to get your hands on your target audience so read on to discover the best ways to help you grow your Instagram as a horse rider. 

Create a professional profile that stands out

The first thing that people see when they go to follow your account is your profile so it is very important to have a good-looking profile that stands out. The following components make a good profile:

  1. Username: this should be short and easy to remember. It is a good idea to use your real name and surname and avoid using numbers and characters. 
  2. Profile picture: this grabs people’s attention so make sure it is appealing. Use a high-resolution picture of yourself or perhaps even your horse to let people know what type of account you are running. 
  3. Bio: you need to optimize your Instagram bio and use it to give people more information about you and your account. You can use emojis here to make it stand out. 
  4. Websites/links: if you have a website, you should include the link. 

Tag your posts with the correct hashtags to get more reach 

Hashtags are widely used on social media and you should be using them. So what are hashtags? They are a word that begins with the “#” symbol and their purpose is to categorize content on social media based on certain themes or categories. You have to use hashtags to expand your reach and attract more followers and when you use them make sure that the hashtags you choose to use are relevant to your content. Also, don’t use long hashtags and stick with 3-5 hashtags per post. 

Post at least once every day

You will not grow on Instagram unless you are consistent. You have to post consistently meaning you have to post often. 3-5 times per week to be exact. Even though it is recommended that you post often, you should avoid posting too often because this might annoy your followers and they could end up unfollowing you. Posting often increases your visibility because Instagram’s algorithm favors those who post consistently. 

Follow other horse riders 

You have to establish yourself in your community and join a niche that represents you and your interests. As a horse rider, you should follow other horse riders because this will help you become incorporated into the community and your feed will be filled with content that you want to see. It is not enough to just follow other horse riders though, you need to engage with them as well and you can do this by commenting, liking, and sharing their posts as well as sending them direct messages. This is all part of engaging and engagement is interacting with people and content on your timeline. Engaging helps you stay relevant and it boosts your visibility, expands your reach and it helps you build a relationship with your followers so make sure you reply to comments, answer questions and share photos from relevant accounts. 

Everybody uses Instagram and no matter what your interests are, there is a niche and community that fits you. As a horse rider using Instagram looking to grow your account, remember to create a professional profile that stands out, tag your posts with the appropriate hashtags to expand your reach, post consistently (at least once every day) and follow other horse riders.

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