What to post as a jockey on Instagram


There are over 1 billion active users on the popular social media platform Instagram and it is common for people to use this app as their main form of social connection. There is a large opportunity for growth on this app and a lot of people have managed to gather a large number of followers on the app with jockeys being no exception. If you are an enthusiastic equestrian or just have a love and passion for horseback riding then there are numerous opportunities for you to share images on Instagram and build your following. If you are struggling with building your following, you can take advantage of marketing agencies that will help you increase your exposure. You can use Growthoid, for example, which allows you to get up to 1,500 Instagram followers per month. This will help you get real followers that will turn into loyal fans. 

Instagram is an ideal platform for Jockeys to let the world into their lifestyle and if you are looking for a guideline on how to get started and what type of content you should be posting, read on. 

Post photos of you with your horse or jockey gear on

First and foremost, Instagram is a visual platform so if you want to use this platform and grow a successful account, then you need to invest in good visuals. Make sure you post plenty of pictures on your Instagram but prioritize the quality. Pictures need to be high quality and if you want to make them even more appealing, add a great filter to create a certain mood when people look at your pictures. It is a great investment to hire a photographer to take beautiful pictures of you and your horse but if you cannot afford to hire a photographer that is not a deal-breaker, just try to have a good quality phone camera and make sure you keep your phone on your person at all times so that you don’t miss out on any photo-worthy moments that may arise. Capturing good photos is important for your Instagram because they generate more engagement and followers but just remember, a good photo makes people feel something.

Show off any medals, trophies, or other awards that you have won

It is not uncommon for people to share their accomplishments and other special moments with their followers on Instagram. Sharing these intimate moments makes your followers feel more connected to you and it helps establish a bond and a relationship with them. Sharing your medals, trophies, and awards not only establishes you as a credible Jockey but is a great way to generate engagement and gain followers. Doing this will also solidify your place in the horse-riding and Jockey community according to Metaliccards.com

Share stories from your day as an equestrian athlete

Nobody wants to follow someone on Instagram that acts like a robot, instead, people want to feel like you are letting them into your personal life and they appreciate personal information about you. Post behind the scenes footage of you on the field with your horse and let your audience into your everyday life so that they can feel connected to you and so that you can establish a bond with your followers which will make them more loyal to you and they will more likely engage with your content. It is a good idea to use all of Instagram’s different features to connect with your followers. Use Stories for more personal and behind-the-scenes footage Reels more creative and engaging content, and use IG Live to connect with your followers in real-time. 

Share pictures of your horses and their caretakers

Sharing pictures of your horses and sharing content with their caretakers is great educational content because you get to teach horse enthusiasts about horses as well as show them how to take care of horses. The pictures themselves might not give much information away so you need to utilize your captions to educate your followers as much as possible. Lengthy captions are growing increasingly popular on Instagram so make use of those characters and add cute horse-related emojis to make things more interesting. 

Instagram is so popular and the app holds such a wide audience that it is definitely to your advantage to use this platform to connect with your community and share content in your niche. As a Jockey on Instagram, post photos of your horse and you in your jockey gear, Show off medals, share stories and show off your horses.