Zones 1 and 2 Top Podium at Markel/USHJA Zone Jumper Team Championships

Photo by ESI Photography

Saugerties, N.Y.—Aug. 2, 2021—Ten riders from Zones 1 and 2 walked away as gold medalists after three days of competition in HITS-on-the-Hudson’s Grand Prix ring for the Markel/USHJA Zone Jumper Team Championships. Team and individual competition was guided by Chefs d’Equipe Meredith O’Connell from Zone 1 and James Benedetto and Diane Little from Zone 2.

Zones 1 and 2 Team Medalists
1.10/1.15m Children’s Zone
JumperGOLD: Zone 1/2 Team IV
Madyson Diaz – Belladonna Z – Zone 2
Alexandra Welsch – Golden Child – Zone 2
Madison Houghton – Jake’s Shake – Zone 2
Emma Pickard – Reykjavik – Zone 1

SILVER: Zone 1 Team I
Eleanor Pieters – Inxs – Zone 1
Charlotte Miller – Lord Grey 2 – Zone 1
Amelia LaBrie – Norton K – Zone 1
Grace Taylor – Kops Van De Begunakker – Zone 1

BRONZE: Zone 2 Team II
Cayla Mackey – Escalon Z – Zone 1
Ella Fischer – Cabana Boy – Zone 2
Jessica Pastore – Valentina B – Zone 2
Maggie McLean – B. Enchinachea Z – Zone 2

1.10/1.15m Adult Amateur Zone Jumper
GOLD: Zone 2 Team III
Rose Kane – Cento Boy – Zone 2
Lindsey DeLuca – Armani – Zone 2
Wendy Chapot-Nunn – Cashe – Zone 2

SILVER: Zone 2 Team II
Brooke Treichler – Cheeky Monkey 2 – Zone 2
Morganne Young – Da Vinci – Zone 2
Sophie Dewaal – Zorro – Zone 2

BRONZE: Zone 1/2 Team I
Alexis Di Pasqua – Reba Dean – Zone 2
Barrette E. Yates-Mack – Darius – Zone 1
Celeste Karcher – Indiana Parsnip – Zone 2

1.20/1.30m Junior/Amateur Zone Jumper
GOLD: Zone 1/2 Team I
Leigh Gallagher – Iworka 925 – Zone 1
Patricia Hurter – Quali Quanti – Zone 1
Stephanie Garrett – Elertine – Zone 2

SILVER: Zone 2 Team II
Tiffany Scott – Cabri D’Authieux Z – Zone 2
Sarah Wood – Corozana – Zone 2
Melissa Strawser – Bahiamouche – Zone 2

BRONZE: Zone 2 Team III
Kenny Reuter – Bolanda VDL – Zone 2
Cheryl Scott – Gadottie – Zone 2
Julie Chang – Caliente ISF – Zone 2
Mira Korber – Patent Pending 3E – Zone 2

Zones 1 and 2 Individual Medalists

1.10/1.15m Children’s Zone JumperGOLD: Madyson Diaz – Belladonna Z – Zone 2SILVER: Emma Pickard – Reykjavik – Zone 1BRONZE: Jessica Pastore – Valentina B – Zone 2
1.10/1.15m Adult Amateur Zone JumperGOLD: Wendy Chapot-Nunn – Cashe – Zone 2SILVER: Celeste Karcher – Indiana Parsnip – Zone 2BRONZE: Brooke Treichler – Cheeky Monkey 2 – Zone 2
1.20/1.30m Junior/Amateur Zone JumperGOLD: Leigh Gallagher – Iworka 925 – Zone 1SILVER: Julie Chang – Caliente ISF – Zone 2BRONZE: Melissa Strawser – Bahiamouche – Zone 2
Medals and ribbons were awarded to the top three teams, with the gold medal teams receiving embroidered coolers. Individual gold medalists received a variety of awards from CWD, Essex Classics and Straight Arrow, a pair of Parlanti paddock boots, a medal, a ribbon and a cooler.

The USHJA extends special thanks to the team at HITS-on-the-Hudson for hosting this Championship. The USHJA also thanks official sponsors CWD, Nutrena, Parlanti and Rood & Riddle Equine Hospital; title sponsor Markel; and award sponsors Essex Classics and Straight Arrow Family of Brands.

The Zone Jumper Team Championships are part of the USHJA Emerging Jumper Rider Program, which rewards competitive achievement with education to advance athletes in the sport. The Program serves as the entry point for the Show Jumping Athlete Pathway, a joint USHJA-US Equestrian effort that identifies and nurtures Jumping athletes as they advance through the sport to enhance future success for Olympic and international teams representing the United States.

Providing Children’s and Adult Amateur Jumper (1.10/1.15m), 1.20/1.25m Junior and Amateur, and 1.30/1.35m Junior and Amateur riders with a competitive team experience and an opportunity to earn Zone Horse of the Year points in their respective jumper sections, the Markel/USHJA Zone Jumper Team Championships are held by zone and consist of both team and individual competition. All Zone Jumper Team Championships competitors are recognized as 2021 USHJA Emerging Jumper Riders. Individual medalists at the Championships are recognized as 2021 Gold Star Emerging Jumper Riders by awarding them a 2021 Gold Star Emerging Jumper Rider pin. At the same time, trainers of these riders are recognized as Gold Star Jumper Coaches and receive specialized pins that denote their title. Riders and trainers who receive the designation are also invited to attend one of the USHJA Gold Star Clinics.
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Photos by ESI Photography