Is Crystal Sun Slot the New Starburst?

Starburst is one of the most popular slot releases of all time. It is well liked for it’s simple gameplay and amazing payout potential. Crystal sun is a new release which many are saying is the brand new Starburst – play free online slots.

What is Crystal Sun? 

Crystal Sun is a slot game which has been developed by Play ‘N Go. It has been making the news recently as many players feel as though the slot is a successful improvement over Starburst. Although the slot is not an explicit remake of Starburst, the similarities between the two games cannot be denied. Crystal Sun has an outer space theme and a classic feel thanks to the five reel layout and classic bonuses such as free spins and multipliers. The slot features gem symbols on the reels, just like Starburst. Another similarity comes with the wild respins feature, one again it is the focal point of a slot game. The soundtrack of the slot is where it differs most from Starburst, with Crystal Sun opting to have a classical and epic score playing over the spinning reels. 

What is Starburst? 

Starburst is one of the most famous slot releases of all time. It was developed by NetEnt and many players consider it to be the best slot release of all time. This simple yet effective title was first released way back in 2012 and it has stood the test of time as it remains one of the most popular slot games today! 

●     Starburst has a visually appealing theme, it is set in the outer reaches of the cosmos. One of the things that really elevates this slot theme is the soundtrack which gives the game an appropriate feeling of awe and wonderment.

●     The game only comes with one bonus feature, it isn’t the traditional free spins feature either. The slot uses a wild feature which will award players three respins and a wild reel. The true beauty of this slot game is in its simplicity, it doesn’t need a thousand features in order to be rewarding and fun. 

Is Crystal Sun the New Starburst? 

Play ‘N GO’s Crystal Sun is undeniably similar to Starburst, there are several similarities between the two slots. Is it fair to call Crystal Sun the new Starburst? 

  1.  Starburst is one of the most influential slot releases of all time, it would be hard to find a slot which hasn’t been influenced by it in some fashion. Crystal Sun has clearly been drawing heavily from the original Starburst slot, although it does manage to offer it’s own unique experience thanks to the aubance of bonus features it has.
  2. The biggest similarities come from the design of the games, both use interstellar themes. Starburst’s design is a little more retro, consequently Crystal Sun feels like a more modern rendition of the slot theme that Starburst uses. 

Final Thoughts 

Crystal Sun definitely takes inspiration from Starburst, it does feel like a modern remake at times. However, it still manages to stand on its own feet due to its unique bonuses and soundtrack.