In Focus: Weekdays at Pony Finals 2021

The 2021 USEF Pony Finals: a triumphant return of what serves as many riders’ first championship experience.

Pony Finals is truly an event: a competition, an educational forum and a tremendous networking experience—both for business and pleasure. Friendships are born at Pony Finals—the equine and the human kind.

The Plaid Horse is on the ground at the Kentucky Horse Park alongside the more than 1200 ponies on site. Take in the sights and sounds of the opening days of America’s biggest pony championship:

The action does not ever stop at Pony Finals, with events running concurrently in a divided Rolex Arena.

Model and under saddle classes preceded over fences competition for each division.

The lineup.

A pony procession: Single file, please.

It takes a village to get in the ring at Pony Finals. The ingate at the Rolex Arena is lined with large, attentive support teams.

Focus, over every fence, with the rhythm of every stride.

Pony moms: there for every last-minute need, from girths to boot polish.

Views (and smiles) from the Claiborne schooling ring.

It’s a scenic route to the Rolex Arena, with the Kentucky Horse Park’s iconic cross-country and steeplechase courses available to riders—a great way to unwind and enjoy time out of the ring or to channel quiet focus.

No matter the result, always remember to thank your pony. It’s not just about the destination; there’s an inspiring journey behind every pair.

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