Melissa Donnelly and Corlando 49 Top $12,500 WEC Wilmington Hunter Derby 3’6″-3’9″

$12,500 Hunter Derby Champions – Melissa Donnelly and Corlando 49. Photo by Winslow Photography

Featured classes at World Equestrian Center – Wilmington Summer 3 commenced with Derby Friday featuring the $10,000 WEC Hunter Derby 3’ Open, $10,000 WEC Hunter Derby 3’ Non-Pro and the $12,500 WEC Hunter Derby 3’6”-3’9. in the main outdoor arena featuring 42 horse-and-rider combinations negotiating courses designed by Keith Bollette and included enticing natural fences, lush hedges and creative flourishes throughout the track. Handy rounds for each class presented many opportunities for inside turns and four high options available for the riders to show off their horse’s natural abilities. 

Donnelly takes the win in the $12,500 WEC Hunter Derby 3’6″-3’9″.

The afternoon’s $12,500 WEC Hunter Derby 3’6”-3’9” Hunter Derby saw a field of eight entries. Scores soared into the mid 80s, but it was Melissa Donnelly and Corlando 49 (Cartani x Olanda I) of Just A Folly Farm, in Oxford, Michigan who secured the win. Donnelly and the the elegant fifteen-year-old Holsteiner gelding were unbeatable in tonight’s event, completing the first round of 84 and a handy round of 86.5 to earn a  final winning score of 170.5.

“The plan for this class was to show off his best features,” Donnelly said. “He turns really well and really sharp. Cory (Corlando 49) can slice and dice a jump really easily. We looked for the places where we could show him off best in the sharp turns and gallop. His routine beforehand is really simple. He definitely knows when it is Derby Friday!”

Second place winners – Ryan Genn and Dante’s Inferno.

Ryan Genn and Dante’s Inferno (Diardo), riding for Wilhelm Genn, of Rheinland Farm, Lebanon, OH, rode to the second place spot in the $12,500 WEC Hunter Derby. 

Genn and Dante’s Inferno delivered a consistent set of rounds to earn a pair of 85s and an overall score of 170, which would secure them a second place finish.

Third place finisher – Tess M. Fortune and MVP.

Tess M. Fortune and MVP rounded out the top three. The chestnut Thoroughbred jumped to a first-round score of 82 followed by an immaculate handy-round score of 86. The pair earned a final combined score of 168.

$12,500 WEC Hunter Derby Open 3’6″-3’9″ Results

  1. Corlando 49, Melissa Donnelly – 84 | 86.5 | 170.5
  2. Dante’s Inferno, Ryan Michael Genn – 85 | 85 | 170
  3. MVP, Tess M. Fortune – 82 | 86 | 168
  4. Stellar, David Q. Beisell – 78 | 80 | 158
  5. Ne-Yo, Sarah Livingston – 72 | 78 | 150
  6. Radioland, Sara Sprague – 71 | 66 | 137
  7. Emilio, David Q. Beisel – 68 | 55 | 123
  8. Udefix, Colleen Holton – 38 | 74 | 112
$10,000 WEC Hunter Derby Open Champion – David Beisel and Davidson.

Hat Trick for Beisel in the $10,000 WEC Hunter Derby Open

Fifteen horse and rider combinations took on the main arena for the $10,000 WEC Hunter Derby Open. 

Impressively securing the top three placings was David Beisel of David Beisel Stables, Goshen, Ohio. The first place finisher in the  $10,000 WEC Hunter Derby Open was Beisel piloting the beautiful gray gelding, Davidson.

Davidson and Beisel delivered a steady first round to earn a score of 84, followed by a breathtaking and polished handy round of 89, earning a combined score of 173. 

“He was great today. This was our second Derby together,” Beisel said. “Out of the three horses I showed, I was most surprised that he secured the win. He is the least seasoned of the bunch, but he really showed the best out of them all today!”

Second place goes to MTM Bentley and David Beisel.

Next on Beisel’s roster was MTM Bentley (Bonaparte Z x Hot Cherie P), this successful pair is no stranger to the winners circle at WEC. They scored a strong first-round  of 78. MTM Bentely and Beisel returned to the handy round scoring an 86, totaling a final score of 164 for a second place finish. MTM Bentley and Davidson are both proudly owned by Lori Taylor of Cincinatti, Ohio. 

Third place captured by Lavish and David Beisel.

Third place was captured Lavish (Don Bedo x Hauptstutbuch), shown by Beisel and owned by Phyllis Harlow of Ocala, Florida. The two had a first-round score of 78, followed by a handy round score of 87, totaling a final score of 165.

​​$10,00 WEC Hunter Derby Open Results

  1. Davidson, David Beisel – 85 | 86 | 171
  2. MTM Bentley, David Beisel – 78 | 87 | 165
  3. Lavish, David Beisel – 85 | 86 | 171
  4. First Crush, Stefanie A. Portmanl – 77 | 85 | 162
  5. Henri, Melissa Donnelly
  6. Lord Clooney, Catherine D. Ellis – 83 | 74.5 | 157.5
  7. Just Checkin, Catherine D. Ellis – 79 | 76 | 155
  8. Dianthos XO, Mandy Vergerio
  9. Lehnbach, Jessica A. Jurkowitz – 75 | 65 | 140
  10. Fineas, Jessica A. Jurkowitz
  11. Clayton 35, Colleen Holton – 85 | 39 | 124
  12. Soleil, Catherine Ellis
Sarah L. Berkowitz and Exposant take the win in the $10,000 WEC Hunter Derby Non-Pro.

$10,000 WEC Hunter Derby Non-Pro

Sarah L. Berkowitz of Nicholasville, Kentucky and the 11-year-old Dutch Warmblood, Exposant (Cassini x Normandie VI), impressed crowds in the much competitive $10,000 WEC Hunter Derby Non-Pro. Exposant’s stylish jump earned the pair a first round score of 86, and Berkowitz expertly piloted him to a handy round that received a score of 75, for an unbeatable overall score of 161. 

“We’re a newer team. I started riding him in September and this was our second Derby,” Berkowitz said. “Jeff Gogul helped me a lot today. He is a great person to learn from and an amazing horseman! For approaching this course, I saw a bunch of horses have issues with the first higher option. At the last minute I decided to take the smaller option. I’d rather miss out on a point than loose the whole class.”

Kiera C. Phlipot and Red Roc achieve second place.

Taking second place was Kiera C. Phlipot of Manchester, Michigan and Red Roc (Roc USA x Rhea). Philpot and her mount, Red Roc,  previously won the $10,000 WEC Hunter Derby Non-Pro at WEC Summer 1 in July. This time out, the team had two great scores, earning an 69 in the first round and a near perfect 88 in the handy. Totaling to an honorable 157 final score. 

Colleen Pettengill and Tyamo take the third place spot.

Landing in third place was Colleen Pettengill and Tyamo (Tygo x Hieramia B Z). The duo scored the first round of 75, followed by a handy round of 80. Pettengill scores totaled 155 to round out her third-place finish.

​​$10,00 WEC Hunter Derby Non-Pro Results

  1. Exposant, Sarah L. Berkowitz  – 86 | 75 | 161
  2. Red Roc, Kiera C. Phlipot – 69 | 88 | 157
  3. Tyamo, Colleen Pettengill  – 75 | 80 | 155
  4. My BFF, Erin Cummins –  80 | 73 | 153
  5. Cosmo Cool, Grace Hildebrand  – 83 | 65 | 148
  6. El Dato, Keely A. O’Hara –  77 | 70 | 147
  7. Devout, Larissa K. Hufnagel – 70.5 | 65 | 135.5
  8. The Boy Friend, Paige J. Beisel  –  72 | 63 | 135
  9. Viscount, Sara Sprague  – 74| 60 | 134
  10. Calisandro, Erin Hasenoehrl  – 55 | 74 | 129

Photos courtesy of Winslow Photo.