Learn How to Enjoy Horse Racing


Who doesn’t enjoy a day out at the races or sitting on the edge of the coach as you eagerly wait to see which horse will be the first to cross the finish line on race day? Well, you might actually be surprised, as there are a few out there who struggle to get into horse racing. 

You will not find any of those people here though, as we are about to tell you a few different ways that you can learn how to enjoy the horse races either at the track or at home on TV. 

The most important thing will be to have fun, but here is everything else you need to know! 

Learn About the History of Horse Racing 

This might sound more like homework than a way to enjoy the horse races, but knowing a little bit more about how this sport started and where it comes from can be a big help if you are trying to learn how to have a better time watching the races, at home or at the track. 

Not only this, but the horse races are often more enjoyable when you have at least a little bit of background information and a certain amount of knowledge of the horses and jockeys. 

Understand the Odds

It is imperative that you understand the odds in horse racing, as otherwise, you will have a limited idea of which horse you are betting on, what your chances are, and what your return will be if you are lucky enough for your bet to come in. So, they are clearly pretty important. 

In the US you will find that horse racing odds, and often the odds for sports betting in general, will be given as a decimal number rather than a fractional number like in the UK. Remember that different bookies will offer different odds for the same event, so it is often worth shopping around and comparing the odds from different bookies before you bet. 

Place Your Bets 

Betting on horse racing has been a thing for almost as long as horse racing itself, and this can be a great way to boost your enjoyment and to get more involved in any given race. 

Not only will you naturally be more inclined to care about the outcome as you will have a vested interest in the final results, but you will also find the race more exhilarating as you watch. This is how most people watching the horse races end up on the edge of their seats! 

Watch With a Group of Friends 

Although there are plenty of people who enjoy a solo sports viewing, the horse races are one of those sports where you need the excitement of a crowd or a group of friends to get you going. This is what creates such the exciting atmosphere that the horse races are known for.

Even if you cannot get tickets to the actual races or attend the events, gathering to watch the horse races at a friend’s house on television can be a great way to enjoy the event more.

Get All Dressed Up 

The horse races are known for being a slightly fancier sporting event than say, the NFL, for example. You will often see people dressed up to the nines in all of their finest clothing, so, if you are watching from the stands yourself, it is worth donning your best hat for the occasion. 

Even if you are watching on the television at home, it can be nice to get dressed up anyway as this can help to recreate some of the atmosphere from the races in the comfort of your own home. Just remember to tell everyone else in your watching party the dress code! 

Find Your Favorite 

As you watch more and more events, you will start to notice when a horse that you have already seen before is racing in a new event that you are planning to watch. Eventually, you will even start to form favorites out of the horses that you have seen perform the most. 

This is a great way for anyone to boost their enjoyment whilst watching the horse races as, similarly to placing a sports bet, it can give you a reason to get enthusiastic about what is happening and you can cheer on your favorite horse while they are racing around the track. 

With that said, try not to bet on your favorite horse just for the sake of it! 


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