Introducing the Kymi Grand Prix

The Kymi Grand Prix is one of the most popular horse race events in Finland. It was first organized in 1998, so it has a pretty long history – at least for a Finnish trotting race. The main price in the competition is 100 000 euros, and in the main event the prize pool is 170 000 euros. Kymi Grand Prix is an invitation only race, and there are only ten competitors. There’s also a special rule that says that each start must include at least one Finnish horse. Other than that, there are no rules that say anything about the nationalities.

Kymi Grand Prix is part of the larger UET Trotting Masters-competition.

What’s So Special About The Race?

In addition to having a large prize pool the Kymi Grand Prix race is also special for the free shipment of horses. Each horse traveling from Central Europe and Sweden are being flown to Utti airport, totally free of charge.

This might sound strange but it has proven to be a very good way of luring competitors from all across Europe to take part. The race has seen plenty of top horses throughout the years.

Betting at Kymi Grand Prix

This race is truly one of the biggest in Finland. People from all across the country are coming to see the horses go, but also to bet their money on them. Usually Finns love slot machines, or kolikkopelejä, as they say, but horse racing is also one of the most loved ways to gamble.

Betting at the Kymi Grand Prix has been extremely popular and is a huge part of the experience for basically all visitors.

The Most Successful Trotters and Drivers

The most successful horse in the history of the race is Commander Crowe, a Swedish trotter that has won the race both in 2009 and 2012. The best drivers in the Kymi Grand Prix have been Jean Michel Bazire and Petar Ingves.

Other Things To See While Visiting Kymi Grand Prix

If you are interested in travelling to Finland and experiencing the Kymi Grand Prix trotting race, make the most of your stay. The race is taking place in the city of Kouvola, which is about 1,5 hours drive from the capital city, Helsinki.

When the Kymi Grand Prix is on, all the hotels are usually booked. This means that you should reserve the accommodation as early as possible. On the other hand there are many incredible and affordable AirBnBs in Kouvola and the nearby areas that you can book also.

The night life in Kouvola is lively during the summer time. There are tens of nice little restaurants that offer you tex mex, fine dining, sushi, pizza etc.

If long walks in nature are your thing, you should definitely visit Repovesi national park. There you can hike, paddle and wall climb.

If you are travelling to the Kymi Grand Prix with your family, there are some excellent places you should visit. Find them below:

  • Tykkimäki Amusement Park
  • Aquapark Water Park
  • Action Park Indoors Activity Park
  • Children’s Traffic Park in the centre of Kouvola

Find More About The Kymi Grand Prix

You can find more information about the Finnish trotting race from multiple sources such as YouTube and Wikipedia. In this link you see the foreign trotters arriving in Utti airport!