“Horse Grrls,” Get Ready to Sing Along


If you liked James Crosby’s “Grand Prix Girl,” get ready for a playlist.

The “American indie punk rock quartet” Tacocat’s catchy tune “Horse Grrls” is an anthem.

From Seattle, WA, Tacocat was founded in 2007 and has already released four albums under two labels, the independent record label Hardly Art and the grunge music-associated label Sub Pop, both also based in Seattle.

Tacocat has become known for addressing feminist themes in their music, often with “humor and sarcasm,” and we can attest, they know what girls like: horses.

Behold, the power of relatable lyrics and a catchy beat:

“Complete collection / of all things equestrian / there’s ponies, colts and foals / horses are in their soul.”

“They know the different breeds / of all their favorite steeds / Breyers on their desks / long hair and long necks.”

“No time for girls or boys / horses their only joy.”

You’re welcome.