Horse Racing Betting Tips and Tricks

Want to improve your chances of winning at the horse races? Read on to get some great tips for placing smart bets!

Horse Racing Tips to Win Big

Horse race betting is one of the most popular types of sports betting on the planet. There is nothing quite like a day at the races. The thrill of watching powerful thoroughbreds thundering down the track is exhilarating. The atmosphere at the racetrack is electric, the characters that frequent race days are eclectic to say the least, and seeing your horse cross the finish line can make your entire body fizz with euphoria. But winning doesn’t come easy. Betting on the horses is a whole lot of fun, and certainly makes the races more exciting. But if you actually want to win, you’ll need to take it seriously – in other words, don’t place a bet just because the jockey happens to be wearing your favourite colours. There are many different kinds of sports betting software you can try. Check out some good horse tips here!

Shop Around for the Best Odds

These days, it is incredibly easy to place a bet on a horse race. All you need to do is sign up to an online casino sportsbook and away you go. Click here to find the best payout online casino Canada has to offer. We recommend signing up to more than one online sportsbook so that you can compare odds. It is important to compare odds because better odds can lead to bigger winnings. You will also find that not all sportsbooks offer betting on all horse racing events, especially when it comes to localised events.

Do Your Research

Once you’ve signed to a few different sites, and you’ve singled out a few race events that you’d like to place bets on, it’s time to start your homework. We can’t stress the importance of this step enough. Seriously, betting blind is one of the biggest mistakes that rookies make, because it almost always leads to a loss. You don’t need to know everything there is to know about horses, but you do need a few basic facts.

Luckily, you can get most of the information you need from the form guide (or racing form) for each race. The form guide, for example, will tell you how a horse has performed over the last few races. You will also find specs, such as the age, weight, colour, lineage and gender of the horse. The form guide should also tell you when the horse last ran, and whether or not it has won on the same track and at the same distance as the race you’re about to bet on. Along with the information pertaining to the horse, you’ll also find the name of the jockey and the trainer.

Know Your Jockey

We recommend taking the time to do a little background research on both the jockey and the trainer. A well-known, successful trainer is more likely to produce winning horses. Successful jockeys tend to get their pick of the best horses, and when there is a large prize pot up for grabs, they’re going to choose a horse that has the best potential. However, the bookies are aware of this, which means the odds will be low, and your winnings, therefore, meagre. It may be worth your while to take a chance on an underdog (or underhorse), but only if said horse comes from good stock.

Experiment with Different Bets

The type of bet you place can also enhance your chances of winning. In horse racing, you can place multiple bets. Exacta bets, for example, allow you to pick two horses for first and second place, quinella bets allow the same, but you don’t have to specify which horse to win and which to come second. Some bookies will also offer a match-up bet, which allows you to choose the winner between two specific horses. When it comes to betting, the most important thing to remember is to start small. Place small bets while you’re learning the ropes, and then increase the size of your bets as you build your bankroll. If you stick to a budget and only place bets from your bankroll, you can have a lot of fun without taking huge risks.


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