War Films Classic


Love action movies? Then certain classic films on wars should be on your binge list. Here we look at classic old and modern movies that have won accolades and awards and impart information about happenings of our past to the current generations.

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When it comes to choosing war movies to watch, here are some titles to look at:

Thirty Seconds over Tokyo

This is a classic movie, a must-watch in the war film category. It showcases the screenplay of the 1943 book by the same name. The screenplay was written by Dalton Trumbo for the book’s movie adaptation. Captain Ted Lawson is the pilot of the Doolittle Raid, which was the first retaliation that America did as an airstrike on Japan. It was four months after December 7th, 1941. That was when the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbour. The retaliation was led by and planned as well as named after Colonel Doolittle, an Air Forces lieutenant with the United States army.

The movie is directed by Mervyn LeRoy, and Sam Zimbalist is the producer of the film. It stars Van Johnson in the leading role. Phyllis Thaxter is his wife, called Ellen, while Spencer Tracy is the Lieutenant who gets promoted to General Jimmy Doolittle later on. As per reviewers, this movie is an accurate description of the Doolittle raid that took place during World War II. Of course, there are changes incorporated which add dramatic effects to the cinematic experience. Certain scenes here might be propaganda-like, but that is also a reflection of how the environment was in 1943 in the US as compared to the rest of the world. All characters here are taken from the real-life incident and people who were part of the raid.

Booby Traps

This is yet another classic take on wars but with an animated, witty side. This 1944 movie talks about confidentiality, maintenance of weapons, disease prevention and other crucial topics that were significant during war times. The US war department authorized a series of animated short films that starred Private Snafu, a soldier prone to make mistakes and dull-witted. Its main writer was Theodor Geisel, later to be known as Dr Seuss. The movie was made into an animation production by Warner Bros. The movie, under the direction of Bob Clampett, showcases racy humour and silly gags. Snafu’s character is the voice-over of Mel Blanc, and the movie combines the animated shorts into a film. They are a window into dos and don’ts that formed the everyday life of people during World War II, all that is presented in a humorous manner as well.

Courage Under Fire

This is another movie on war, specifically the Gulf War, and it is directed by Edward Zwick. It addressed a hot issue, that of women who were involved in war action. It is, however, an inspired drama where Denzel Washington plays the role of a lieutenant who needs to uncover the truth about the late captain, Karen Walden, who then becomes the first woman to be the recipient of the Medal of Honour. The lady in the flashback, in this role, is none other than Meg Ryan. The film showcases the unveiling of a mystery as well as a character study.

Black Hawk Down

This is one of the more recent classics in the war movie genre. It provides an account of a raid conducted in 1993 in Mogadishu. It left 19 soldiers from America dead amidst much political debate and was released in 2001. The movie showcased technical excellence, one in which the directorial skills of Ridley Scott are showcased in full. It consisted of a male star cast of the late nineties, most of which were up and coming stars then. The movie showcased the historic event in full detail and glorified combat to a large extent.


Even amidst war movies, you can expect to find sub-categories. For instance, there are animated, funny sides of the war, as well as full action combat, showcased to reiterate events of a war that occurred in the past. Again, there are many poignant, moving romantic tales set amidst war times that have made such cinema unforgettable. Indeed, all you need to do is log onto your favourite streaming platform to find titles in this genre that can be part of your binge-watch list.