10 Best Equestrian Colleges 2021


Have you ever wondered if there was a college designated towards achieving a career as an equestrian? The answer is yes; several colleges are recognized for providing equine curriculums and degrees ranging from equine management and equine science.

The following list is the 10 best Equestrian Colleges 2021 for the horse lover who wants to turn that passion into a lifelong career:

  • Auburn University
  • Alfred University
  • Berry College
  • Cazenovia College
  • Centenary College of Louisiana
  • Earlham College
  • Penn State University
  • Murray State University
  • Houghton College
  • Century University

These colleges are highly accredited for their outstanding facilities and competitive teams, and not chosen in any particular order. Keep reading to discover the equestrian college that will best fit your future career goals.

What Is An Equestrian College?

An equestrian college program is designed to provide students wanting to excel their skills beyond their high school experience and continue learning and competing into adulthood. They work with places to help you do your homework. There are over 500 equestrian colleges for admission in the current 2021 academic year, with scholarships available for those who qualify.

  1. Auburn University, Alabama, is a grant-funded college home to a horse center fitted for teaching, researching, and performing its equestrian students.
  2. Alfred University, New York, provides students the ability to combine a minor in equine studies and a major of their choosing from their catalog. Students are allowed to house their horses for a fee.
  3. Berry College, Georgia, provides the 30 enrolled equestrian students with a unique work-study program in their Gunby Equestrian Horse Center. Students have full access to trails and facilities to care for their boarded horses.
  4. Cazenovia College, New York, is a 240-acre facility with a nationally recognized equestrian team founded in 1999. The school also houses an Equine Business Management laboratory and a horse center that hosted the National Championships three times.

College Admissions Requirements

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  1. Centenary College of Louisiana, Louisiana, Bachelor of Science program provides students with degrees in business management, training of horses, riding instruction, and equine science.
  2. Earlham College, Indiana, is the only US college with a student-run barn and collegiate horse program. As part of the work-study program, students are given a chance to be part of the Earlham College Barn Cooperative.
  3. Penn State University, Pennsylvania, also known as the College of Agricultural Science, offers students a minor in equine examinations in their creature science curriculum. Their campus includes a pen, two stables, an indoor field, and enclosures to house the horses.

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  1. Murray State University is for the student who wants to obtain a degree in equine administration or sciences within the accredited creature/science programs
  2. Houghton College, New York, prepares students for professions in coaching, training, equine entrepreneurship, and so much more. As a recreation major, you are prepared to train, teach, and ride a horse with equestrian classical dressage education principles.
  3. Century University, New Jersey, is a Bachelor in Science degree program that emphasizes its equine curriculum on business management, equine science, and riding/preparing guidance.


Whether it is to further your love of horses or to gain a degree for a future career, an equestrian college that will suit all of your needs is just a click away. Make sure to visit the campuses to get a real feel of what they have to offer and request information on scholarships and grants that may be available.


Andrew Samkowski has been a lover of horses all his life and teaches children to ride in his free time. He is also an established editor and is a full-time writer for a well-known company in New York.

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