How expensive is online bingo?

To players who have never even tried their hand on a packet of bingo cards online, you are missing out. While some igamers believe that online betting should be taken more seriously: performed on high stake pay by mobile casino slot machines, sat around a virtual poker table, or going all or nothing on a game of blackjack, online bingo lovers just know that it is all about the game!

While with other online betting games it is quite easy to tell how expensive it is to play, with online bingo it can be hard to know. We may all know our grandparents playing bingo down the hall on a Saturday night to win some cash and only paying a penny for a bingo ticket, but is online bingo these days that inexpensive?

We are here to uncover how expensive online bingo is to play so that you can put your mind at ease, and put your money where your mouth is!

Is online bingo a cheap game to play?

Like we just mentioned, we can remember our parents paying next to nothing for a couple of cards down the bingo hall. But those were the eighties and everything is far more expensive these days… but is bingo?

We have all the news on the various amounts that you could pay for a bingo card online this day, and what that means for your game:

Online bingo card costWhat that means for your online bingo experience
5pThis is the least expensive that online bingo cards can get… 5p! Although this does look like a very tempting offer, remember that everyone else will be tempted too and you are less likely to win your game.
25pWhile the stakes are being upped slightly, 25 pence for a bingo card is next-to-nothing and will attract possibly more online bingo players than the 5p sheets because of perceived significance.
£1Now, we are getting into the good odds territory of the online bingo world. While one quid might seem a little expensive for a bingo card, for that price you will be getting quality games and handsome rewards!
£2Seldom does the price of an online bingo card surpass a couple of quid, but, if you are splashing that kind of dough then you know that you are in the game for some serious business

While online bingo cards are relatively cheap to buy, we recommend hitting that middle ground for a good revenue/fun ratio!

Is online bingo too expensive to play?

Unless you are thinking of splashing the big bucks on the heavy games, online bingo is not an expensive bet to make. You could be playing with as little as five pence and even when you are spending a lot, you are not really at all.

Online bingo is:

·         Cheap

·         Fun

·         Most importantly, an opportunity to make some money

So go on, if you fancy yourself a good time at your own convenience, try online bingo… it is not expensive!

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