Rancho style interior design tips for horse-lovers


The rancho style has attracted sophisticated lovers of comfort and originality for several decades. And for a reason! Spending every day in a space with a “rustic” interior would definitely make one feel the closeness and unity with nature.

All you need to know about the rancho-style interior design 

The use of rancho details in the interior of a flat or house fulfills the dream of its inhabitants to live outside the habitat of the usual “stone jungle”. They remind one of a village house in the south of France, a horseback ride along the Mediterranean coast or the upcountry.

The main idea of ​​this style resides in the use of natural and environmentally friendly materials in the decoration of the rooms with furniture and accessories, and the refusal to introduce modern things into the interior, for example, those made of plastic.

When choosing a color palette, one should pay attention to warm colors: shades of brown, beige, white, blue. Of course, you can’t also do without bright accents (for example – green, orange or red shades). They can be present in the color of accessories: pillows, flowers, dishes, towels.

It is also worth seriously thinking about the design of the walls, because there can be many options. In the rancho style, paper, vinyl wallpaper in light colors or floral patterns are very much acceptable, as well as painting the walls in the same neutral colors and masonry. You can also opt for wood panels and decorative plaster.

Glossy surfaces are not recommended, because this style strives for natural elements and unity with nature. Parquet or ceramic tiles are used in the finishing of the floor (laminate will be more budgetary).

The ceiling can be painted white or beige; even better if you have the opportunity to use wooden beams, which will give a special flavor and feeling of being on a real American ranch.

The furniture and accessories must be chosen in accordance with the rancho style of the interior. 

Bedroom interior in rancho style

The bedroom is the quietest place in the house. Being there, you would want to be as protected and relaxed as possible. 

Wooden furniture must occupy a dominant place in a rancho style bedroom: a wardrobe, a chest of drawers or a bedside table – all must be made of natural materials, which can be found on Nyfurnitureoutlets.

Concerning the bed, there are several options:

– a wooden bed with a carved headboard and tapestry

– or a bed with a wrought-iron frame

All in all, it should be decorated with colored pillows and woolen blankets. A wicker chair or a chair “hidden” in a cover can flaunt in the corner of the room. A wooden chest on the floor will add authenticity, along with some boxes in which you can store antique jewelry, figurines and candles, standing on the dressing table next to a vase full of wildflowers.

Walls can be decorated with horse photos or atmospheric landscapes. Warm lighting will complement the overall atmosphere of comfort. In addition to the main lighting, you can install lamps with light shades on the bedside table.

The windows should not be hidden behind massive curtains. It is better to use a light translucent tulle, keeping the feeling of lightness and simplicity. 

Indoor plants will also add color to your bedroom interior.

Living room interior in a rancho style 

The living room is the second most important room in the apartment, after the bedroom. It should be practical and comfortable, without excessive use of technology.

An indispensable element is the fireplace (decorative or real, it’s up to you to decide), because it represents one of the main features of a rancho home, warm and cozy. Just imagine how your whole family will gather around it on a winter evening with a cup of tea and fragrant pastries and share interesting stories from their lives.

A sofa and armchairs are also imperatively needed in the living room. The main criterion for choosing these pieces of furniture is convenience.

They can be in soothing shades, but with the use of pillows and bedspreads from both light textiles and more catchy ones – lavender, sandy or yellow shades. The sofa and armchairs should be placed around a coffee table made of wood, with an unobtrusive touch of antiquity – like small cracks or scuffs. Wicker rattan furniture and soft ottomans, randomly located around the entire perimeter of the room, will be another excellent addition.

Of course, accessories should not be forgotten: figurines and small trinkets can be placed over the fireplace or on a table near the window, and the windows themselves can be decorated with light curtains.


A rancho-style kitchen interior 

The kitchen walls should be decorated in pastel colors, with ceramic tiles or artificial stone in the flooring. As for the kitchen set, table and chairs, they should be made of natural wood in light or brown tones.

We advise you to avoid using modern kitchen appliances, preferring built-in elements with closed doors or antique design utensils instead. 

The dining area should be located in the middle of the kitchen. The shape of the table should be round, and the chairs should have textile covers on the seating. 

Special attention should be paid to lighting. A large chandelier with warm light might be placed just above the dining table. In addition to this, floor lamps or lamps near the kitchen set can be used, for a more cozy atmosphere .

Pictures with horses and rustic landscapes, dishes, towels can become bright accessories in a rancho-style kitchen. Moreover, such a kitchen cannot do without tablecloths, napkins, wicker baskets or indoor flowers, beautifully displayed on the windowsill. 

To cut a long story short, creating a rancho-style interior requires a thoughtful approach to the choice of furniture, accessories, and even the color of parquet and wall paint, because this style has its own characteristics and zest.

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