An Amateur’s Guide To Online Cricket Betting


It might be a little intimidating if you want to bet on cricket, but not sure where to begin. But if you understand the essentials, such as how to open a betting account and how odds operate, it’s all very straightforward. Learn free cricket betting tips here.

Cricket Betting Varieties

There are several betting forms available in cricket.

  • A match bet is one in which you anticipate who will win the game and wager your money on that outcome.
  • A handicap bet arises when one side has an advantage over another due to their playing level or because they are playing at home.

Rules /terms

  • 1st wicket method

You’re betting on: the mode of dismissal for the match’s first wicket. If a batsman gets injured and has to retire, bets will be settled when the next wicket falls, regardless of who is out. If a batsman retires out,’ all bets are null and worthless.

  • Over/Under

A bet on whether the aggregate total of the two teams’ runs will be greater or fewer than a figure set by the betting provider.

  • Highest/most match sixes:

Betting on the winning team, the team with the most sixes, and the team with the highest first six overs

Pick a betting site/app for cricket

This is a crucial first step. Thousands of online sports betting sites and apps exist throughout the world, making choosing difficult. Try the reputed ones such as Parimatch,888Sports, Betway, or Bet365 first.

Consider which characteristics are most important to you while looking for the perfect betting site. Do you enjoy websites that provide huge, one-time welcome bonuses? Is a user interface that is easy to use your top priority?

Carefully select your team

People wager on cricket matches for various reasons, and they are not necessarily part of a winning strategy. Some bettors, for example, constantly put their money on their favourite team to win, even if they think they will lose. Others gamble on teams they are unfamiliar with to pass the time until the next regular match.

It’s critical to choose the appropriate cricket matches to bet on if you want to get off to a good start when betting on cricket. Place real money bets only on games about which you have a clear understanding and reliable information. You won’t always be correct, but you’ll have a greater chance than most others.

Interpreting the odds

The odds are the indicators of how much money a gambler is likely to win or lose in each wager. This indicates that India has a 50 percent chance of winning, while Australia has a 55 percent chance. If a customer bets INR 100 on India to win the match, he will be refunded INR 150 (100+50) if India wins.

Betting odds might be confusing at first. But after a few minutes of figuring it out, it will become second nature.

Betting odds come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Look around for fractional and decimal chances, as well as Malaysian, Indonesian, and American odds. That’s a lot to take in. Fortunately, many of them are quite similar – and you don’t have to be a math wizard to become a betting odds expert.

It is simple to convert decimals to percentages and vice versa. In theory, decimal odds of 1.00 equal 100 percent — but there is no such thing as a 100 percent guaranteed bet! As a general rule, the larger the decimal number, the less likely the event. 

Decimal Odds Probability

4.5 22.2%

85 1.2%

1.35 74.1%

Reckon in-play bets

In recent years, there has been an increase in the number of players who favor in-play bets, and why wouldn’t they? In-play bets are quick and simple to place, and you may do so from your smartphone. Furthermore, it allows you to view how the game is progressing before parting with your money.

Decide what kind of wager is best for you. Beginners should stick to high-odd bets, such as a banker or singles, because they offer greater pay-outs and more risk management options if things don’t go as planned.

Spread out your bets or hedge them with other teams so that they do not cancel one other out if one team loses.

There’s no need to test every single technique on this list or the internet because they’ve been shown to work by expert gamblers.

Note: Betting on specific sorts of deliveries, such as full tosses or wide balls, enhances your chances because these types result in wickets more often than others!


There is no singular strategy to confirm one’s win in a cricket bet. Cricket betting is largely about calculations, and though for beginners, it can get confusing, all will agree Winning small is better than losing big. Play accordingly.

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