5 Strides with Blaze of Glory II

Photo by Hope Meinen

An “interview” with the show jumper (via his rider, Hanley Morrison!)

The 14-year-old gelding, who goes by Blaze at the barn, recently finished fifth in a $50,000 HITS Grand Prix, among other top Grand Prix ribbons while at Lamplight.

1. What’s a human food that you’ve always wanted to try?

I’ve always wanted to try my mom’s Red Bull but she tells me I can’t … because I already have wings! 

2. What do you love most about the show ring?

I love the show ring because every time I try my hardest, there are always endless cookies waiting for me at the in-gate.

Photo by Hope Meinen

3. Where do you love to show the most? 

I love the shady grazing areas filled with wildflowers at Lamplight Equestrian Center. And my hometown venue, Great Southwest Equestrian Center, has so many great classes, friends, and I am close to my pasture at home!  

4. Tell us about your rider.

I found my current rider by accident when I showed up at a new farm after jumping many successful classes with so many cool people! She is a young professional in her twenties with big dreams to jump in the Grand Prix. It’s easy for me, and I can jump whatever, so we made a pact: She treats me really well—massages when I want, treats when I want—and I jump for her … even when she’s nervous. 

5. What’s life like at home when you’re not competing?

When I’m home I spend as much time as I can in my pasture. It’s covered with shade trees and my dad always makes sure the grass is perfect. When I’m not there I enjoy hacking all around the property with my mom. My job is easy at home, just settling my flame until the next show! 

*This story was originally published in the September 2021 issue of The Plaid Horse. Click here to read it now and subscribe for issues delivered straight to your door!