“Fall” Into This Seasonally Themed Braiding Contest

Braiding (and photo) by Mane to Tail Equine Services

At the Maryland Horse and Pony Show, competitors in two arenas took the concept of turnout to the next level. Putting on a “fall”-themed braiding contest, exhibitors and braiders got creative and welcomed in the new season in a most festive way.

Check out some of the masterpieces, as shared from Kerianne Manipole’s Mane To Tail Equine Services.

From “Bed Head” to Stylish Updo:

This mane is braided (intentionally) with sparkly straw reminiscent of a fall hayride. Notice the details of the different (fall) colored yarn!

Changing Leaves:

The leaves change in fall (unless you’ve made an early trek to Florida), and this mane participated in the festivities. Bonus points for this brilliantly creative tail, depicting the leaves in the act of falling!

Trick AND Treat

Candy corn never looked more appealing than braided into this horse’s tail and forelock.

Back to School

Primary colors, composition books and a fancy hunter: This is the kind of classroom we can get behind.