CDP Foundation Sponsor Highlight

BY Devyn Trethewey

September 26, 2021 – Dr. Barb Blasko of ShowMD are Gold sponsors of the Carol Dean-Porter  Foundation (CDP). The CDP Foundation was started to honor equestrian Carol Dean-Porter.The foundation will offer a scholarship to help the grassroots equestrians Carol loved to have the opportunity to compete on the A circuit. The scholarship will offer financial support, mentorship and gifts from sponsors of the foundation.

Dr. Blasko at Blenheim EquiSports.

Sponsors like Dr. Blasko help to provide funds for CDP Foundation riders travel expenses. “I was one of those kids riding at the grassroots level growing up. The CDP sponsorship would have meant the world to me.” said Dr. Blasko. “Now, I am blessed to be at a point in my life where I can give back to the sport.”

Dr. Blasko started ShowMD, a company where she combines her passions of riding horses and providing medical care to others. She emphasizes how important it is for young riders to realize that there are many careers they can choose from that involve horses. 

Dean-Porter’s students Denise Finch and Mandy Porter are founding members of the CDP Foundation to honor the legacy of education they received. Applications for Zone 10 riders will be available soon. Follow the foundation on Instagram @thecdpfoundation

Dr. Barb Blasko is the owner of ShowMD, a mobile medical care, emergency care, and IV hydration/vitamins for equestrians at shows on the West Coast. ShowMD provides a wide variety of on-site medical care including treatment of all minor injuries, wound care, acute illness and even Med Spa services such as IV fluid hydration B12 shots and Botox. 

To learn more about ShowMD, visit or find ShowMD on Facebook here.