Skylar Wireman—Junior Rider By Day, Roadside Mechanic By Night

On his way home from Blenheim Equisports’ two-week fall series, professional Nick Haness realized his trailer had a much-dreaded flat tire.

He couldn’t fix it on his own, but a fellow rider came to his rescue.

It just wasn’t whom he might have been expecting.

Skylar Wireman, 16, immediately got to work and changed Haness’ tired with the speed of a one-woman NASCAR pit crew.

“My pride diminished a little, because I was (totally) useless and shown ‘how it’s done’ by a 16-year-old, whom (sic) ALSO, by the way, had the tire off and changed in 5 minutes!” Haness posted on Facebook. “Kuddos Skylar. Shayne Berridge-Wireman – you raised a good one!”

Wireman was fresh off a runner-up finish in the ASPCA Maclay Region 8 Championship, but she clearly was not resting on her laurels. She is definitely not afraid to get her hands dirty, and we love to see it!

Next time you get a flat tire, you know who to call…

“Thank you again for paying it forward and coming to my rescue,” Haness wrote.

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