Combine Innovation and Comfort This Fall With Kerrits & EQL

The Coach's Coat


As the seasons change, equestrians’ closets change, too. Sweat-wicking fabrics are often pushed aside for fleece-lined breeches and quilted vests. And the team at Kerrits has worked hard to bring their customers the best of both worlds. Versatility, style, functionality, and comfort are at the center of every design, regardless of the season. From show apparel created for cold weather to schooling wear made to be worn in the barn or in the saddle on a cold day, every piece is designed with riders in mind. 

In the fall and winter, you may go from an insulated barn to the chilly outdoors several times a day, and your clothing should be able to change with your needs. That’s why dressing in layers is one of the best style strategies for cool weather. With lightweight base layers that provide fast drying technology and stretchy vests designed to retain heat, Kerrits has everything winter riders need to be comfortable inside and out. 

For many equestrians, horses aren’t just a hobby, they’re a passion. Kerrit’s line of lifestyle apparel, EQL, balances the needs of everyday life with fashion, comfort, and equestrian-inspired designs. Every fabric in the EQL line was thoughtfully chosen to have a minimal impact on the environment and every piece is designed to fit seamlessly into a variety of wardrobes. 

Whether you’re at home or at the barn, Kerrits and EQL are designed to combine comfort and technology to help riders perform at their best. “We’re constantly innovating,” says Sara Florin, senior director of branding and marketing at Kerrits, “That’s part of meeting the changing needs of riders. We try to be approachable but still innovative with different grips, cuts, and fabrics so riders really feel like they’re getting a good value at a reasonable price point.” 

Flattering silhouettes, extended sizing, and innovative clothes that retain classic elements of equestrian style have made Kerrits stand out in equestrian retail for years. Whether you’re showing, schooling, going to the gym, or mucking stalls, Kerrits and EQL have outfits that will keep you warm, comfortable, and feeling your best. 

In addition to new winter products that will make riders both look and feel good in the ring, Kerrits is bringing back one of their customers’ favorite products this fall. The Coach’s Coat was designed to be the ultimate combination of functionality and comfort for trainers, riders, grooms and everyone else in the barn. 

Windproof, waterproof and seam-sealed, this coat insulates the wearer from inclement weather and contains multiple pockets to fit a cell phone, horse treats, and anything else a rider needs to carry. It’s high-neck design also features a hood, adjustable cuffs and a two-way front zipper. 

While the jacket was created to stop at (or below) the wearers’ knees, it was still created with riding in mind. A split back gusset allows the back of the coat to open and internal leg straps hold the sides of the coat in place against the riders’ legs while they’re in the saddle. This prevents the coat from flapping while the rider schools their horse. 

Fast Facts

It’s a long road to bring a product to the shelf. New fabrics and designs can be tested for months, or even years, to ensure they meet Kerrits’ quality standards. They’re often tested in the varied weather of the Pacific Northwest, where the company is based. 

Kerrits athletic clothing is award-winning. Their Stretch Denim Knee Patch Breech won the 2021 DriRelease Innovation Award for its use of technology in activewear. 

The new Element Insulated Paddock Boot is a perfect blend of functionality and fashion. With seam-sealed waterproof leather uppers, insulated lining and a sole designed for ice, snow, and slush, these paddock boots were created to make comfort look easy. They also feature a rubber-like coated heel and spur rest to help spurs stay in place, and a Kerrits logo-patterned tread so you can leave carrots wherever you go. 

This fall, Kerrits is also introducing a new shirt to their collection–the Winter Circuit Show Shirt. Created with cold weather warriors in mind, it looks like a traditional long-sleeve show shirt but features a cozy fleece lining that will keep you warm when the temperatures drop. With fun print on the inside of the cuffs and the magnetic throat closure that competitors have come to know and love, this shirt combines the timeless quality of Kerrit’s show apparel with the latest winter riding technology. Combine this shirt with your favorite Kerrit’s Stretch Competitor Koat for warmth and style on the winter show circuit.

For a complete show outfit that’s fit for any weather, try Kerrit’s 3-Season Breech. Fleece-lined and made with a stretchy woven fabric, they look like a traditional breech but feel like a riding tight. They’re also wind and water-resistant to help riders stay dry and comfortable. 

When creating a barn-ready layering strategy, one of the most versatile tools is a vest that’s supportive and light while still being warm and functional. Insulating fabric without added bulk is one of the keys to staying comfortable on the coldest days. 

Kerrits has been designing vests for layered winter wardrobes for years. Their Acclimate Quilted Vest is created with a unique ultrasonic quilting technology that doesn’t require needles or stitching. It also features a plush fleece interior that adds warmth without weight, handwarmer pockets and stretch panels for a flattering fit. 

If you’re looking for another way to keep warm without adding heavy layers, the EQL Wild Horse Wrap Sweater offers the versatility you need. You can wear it with a dress or shirt, and keep it open or fully wrapped, depending on your style. Drape it over the back of your office chair this fall so it’s easily accessible if you catch a chill, or snuggle up in it on the couch while watching a movie. 

The new Turtleneck Poncho Sweater from EQL is a warm, stylish pullover that flatters a variety of body types. With slimming arms, playful fringe and a snaffle bit design, this sweater is cozy without feeling stiff. Pair it with EQL’s super-stretchy, certified organic cotton In Motion Bootcut Jean, and you’re dressed to work from home, walk the dog or meet friends for happy hour.

The EQL Wrap It Up Scarf instantly dresses up any outfit, whether you’re headed to the gym or out for dinner. Gorgeous, equine-inspired prints add a hint of color to any outfit. Equestrians will love the bold design featuring reins and poppies draped against a
black background.

*This story was originally published in the September 2021 issue of The Plaid Horse. Click here to read it now and subscribe for issues delivered straight to your door!