Schneider Saddlery Partners with Make-A-Wish to Make a Local Equestrian’s Dream Come True

Photo © Schneiders

Schneider Saddlery, a leading supplier of horse blankets, stable supplies, and horse care products, partnered with the Make-A-Wish foundation to grant a local equestrian’s wish.

When Paulina Franchini was 13, she was gifted a pony named Penny that sparked her love for horses. Like many of us, one deep connection with a pony can change your entire life forever. However, Paulina and Penny did not expect the future that was ahead of them. The thirteen-year-old, and her family, were heartbroken when her pony sadly became ill with cancer, and just a few years later, Paulina found herself facing the same diagnosis.

The family was shocked and devastated, but their strength never wavered. While Paulina fought her battle, she dreamed of owning a horse of her own again, remained strong, and thankfully is now all clear.

When Make-A-Wish and Schneiders Saddlery heard about this young woman’s story, they wanted to be a part of making her dreams of owning a horse again come true. So, on a perfectly sunny afternoon in Chagrin Falls, OH, Paulina, her family, and friends arrived at Schneider Saddlery for a special surprise and to enjoy an afternoon celebration. To honor this young woman’s strength and to set Galaxy and her up for success, Schneiders donated everything she would need, from boots and breeches to horsewear and even a new saddle, to foster their connection and success. 

After the Make-A-Wish® event, Paulina and Galaxy were Reserve & Grand Champion in their first show together, taking home not one but five blue ribbons!

Schneiders is proud to help Paulina and Galaxy forge a deeper relationship and strives to do so with all our customers. At Schneiders, we believe that horses connect us to a purpose beyond ourselves. Therefore, we exist to cultivate the connections people have with horses. We call these connections Two Heart Moments™. 

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