The Plaid Horse Questionnaire with: Kendall Meijer

Photo by Andrew Ryback Photography

Rider status: Amateur
Hometown: Grand Rapids, MI 
Trainers: Cathy and Hillary Johnson

As a horsewoman, I am most proud of: winning the 2017 Championship at the National Horse Show in the 3’3 AO’s aboard Moonwalk; winning the 2020 NAL finals on Elliot. 

As a horsewoman, I would most like to improve on: developing young horses with confidence and patience. 

I’d be lost without: Advil in my tack trunk and extra gloves and spurs in my ring bag. 

I think the biggest misconception about our sport is: that it is glamorous. While there are moments of pomp & circumstance, the work and effort that take place behind the scenes and at home in preparation for show ring success are sometimes forgotten.

My favorite horse book is: Geoff Teall on Riding Hunters, Jumpers, and Equitation. 

My favorite non-horse book is: All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr, or anything True Crime. 

The part of riding I struggle most with is: keeping my fingers closed around the reins—I have champagne pinkies! 

The part of riding I’m best at is having a soft feel and keeping my composure under pressure. 

I’m a sucker for: a beautiful grey gelding! Some of my best horses have been grey. Another subtle trait I love is the notorious double swirl (cowlick). Two of my favorite horses in the barn have the double swirl! 

On Mondays, you’ll find me: sleeping in, playing tennis, taking conference calls, and going out to lunch. 

I sometimes wish I had the time to: learn how to speak more languages. 

I’m afraid of: the schooling ring. 

The horse person I most admire is: McLain Ward because he has overcome challenges with sports psychology and he demonstrates beautiful equitation while navigating the most difficult courses.

Something I say ten times a day is: “Hey Siri…”

Photo by The Book, LLC

My greatest show ring victories are: winning the last class in a huge Adult Hunter division in Kentucky to secure the championship after a traumatic fall in the schooling ring.

One of the best horse names I’ve ever heard is: … well, I am the resident “name girl” around my barn! I even keep a list of potential future names on my phone. I love Moonwalk, Lonesome Dove, and Suede, and I think Catch Me is a pretty epic name as well. 

My absolute favorite show is: The National Horse Show, because it’s the quintessential event that we work towards all year. I also love the hospitality and atmosphere of GLEF in the summer months. 

My motto is: Higher Standards, Lower Prices. 

My ADVICE FOR YOUNG RIDERS: Be open to other endeavors and opportunities. Riding can be an important part of your life, without being its entirety. 

*This story was originally published in the September 2021 issue of The Plaid Horse. Click here to read it now and subscribe for issues delivered straight to your door!